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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose" - Bezoar / Owl

Bezoar: Wyt Deth

Our Double Dose this week shares a theme. A theme of bass guitar playing babes. On this side of the 'dose' we have Sara Palmquist and company based out of Brooklyn, New York. Relying on their genuine love for music and influences varying from Darkthrone, to Slayer, and YOB, these experimental prog'ers decided to defy the stoner, psychedelic, doom scene in 2007. The threesome's take is rampant and raw, but also
"more majestic, massive, and cerebral than any mere genre tag." Listeners will find beautiful acoustic arrangements and guttural and sinister sections only to be left bewildered by Bezoar's artistry. Take, for instance, the shear chaos of Vitamin B twisting into a mournful howl and onto a thunderous stampede of the dead. Listen to Vitamin B below and then head over to bandcamp to experience Bezoar's entire recording 'Wyt Deth'.


Justin Sherrell - Drums
Sara Palmquist - Bass / Vocals
Tyler Villard - Guitar

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Owl: EP

Now on the flip side of the 'dose' we have the bassist babe Melanie Burkett and the Baechle brotherhood (literally brothers), who devise, draft, and orchestrate Owl. Owl look to early 70's metal as well as the UK's New Wave of British Heavy Metal for their core inspiration, especially their dueling guitars iconic of Iron Maiden. Their latest release is a two song EP full of those Maiden-esque solos, harmony, hooks, and well timed drum rolls and fills. Those drums are filled by our friend Clint, who also covers the skins with my favorite 'blackened, stoner, thrash" band Hazzard's Cure. Owl's EP can be downloaded at bandcamp for free, along with their 2010 'Demo Tape'. They are also offering a 7 inch of the new songs, well worth the price.


Alex Baechle - Guitar / Vocals
Axell Baechle - Guitar / Vocals
Clint Baechle - Percussion
Melanie Burkett - Bass

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