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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Zac's "Double Dose" - Beastwood / Jaw Horse

Beastwood: Sex Devil

If Beastwood's debut album Sex Devil is what you're listening to tonight, expect to wake up with a hangover and someone else's blood on your shirt. These Wyoming natives know how to create some seriously dirty rock and roll, that's doomed to give you a good headache and some good memories. Beastwood formed in September 2010 and have dedicated hard time in practicing, playing, and writing. Expect profound and monstrous vocals, thunderous drums, groove fueled riffage, and even a Sex Panther roar! The music embodies the musicians diligent nature, proving that hard time and practice can create kick-ass metal. I suggest a fix of Beastwood, followed up by our second Double Dose band today, Jaw Horse, and finish the night off with a Heavy Planet favorite King Giant. Those sounds belong together!

**Be sure to check out Beastwood's Big Cartel store for some righteous duds, I'm fond of the Semi Truck Hoodie myself.


Blake - Guitar
Jake - Vocals
Jeff - Drums
Tanner - Bass

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Jaw Horse: The Cancer Creek Demos

"C'mon sex machine!" is our open introduction to my Pennsylvania brethren Jaw Horse and their blues soaked sludge and punk invention. The band, "infuriated, aggravated, and mystified by the sad state of The Blues," decided, "to take up arms," in 2011. The outcome is what Jaw Horse call The Cancer Creek Demos. Three blues tracks dragged through the cold mud of this mild and wet Pennsylvania winter after a long night fueled of Yuengling Premiums and bacon greased stripper poles. In the end Jaw Horse have found the right soundtrack for us Pennsylvania boys looking for a dive to wake up in... hung-over... and strung out, and to reminisce with our compadres in the years to come.

"I don't want no woman, who won't get drunk and have a good time."


Adam "The Hammer" Mahlin - Guitar
Buddie "The Hammer" Kramer - Guitar
Eric "The Hammer" Pugh - Drums
Mike "The Hammer" Glass - Bass
Sean "The Hammer" Jovi - Vocals

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