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Friday, March 16, 2012

New Band To Burn One To (Rehashed): The Company Corvette


This three-piece has been rocking out and about the Philadelphia area for over 5 years, delivering heavy rock that is blues-based, with a healthy dose of psychedelia and a metallic punch. The Company Corvette brings high-energy, riff-driven grooves mixed with laid back vocals and blistering, wah-wah drenched guitar action. With their second album out this Summer, the band is looking to bring their rock to you.



Featured as Heavy Planet's New Band to Burn One To more than three years ago, we felt The Company Corvette needed revisiting. It's difficult to ignore that this Philly trio opens their weekend warming up Truckfighters. Well, apparently Truckfighters heard exactly what we did: these are some fucking enormously fuzzy desert-stoner jams! Sure, they owe a debt to blues, but they'll make the pioneers proud. On The End of Summers, The Company Corvette spend 42 minutes swingin' their dicks behind shrouds of fuzzy guitars and a laconic, Thurston Moore-meets-Mike Ness vocal that says "hey man, you comin'?"

The grooves are fat, the grinding cadence counters the scampering licks, and those licks are soaked in just enough sweat to make you forget how bad you smell. Rollicking desert rhythms are par for the course, while riffs slap their balls against thunderous drums, almost challenging for supremacy. The fuzz on tracks like Something New and Regular Skip provides laid-back, dust-alley scores with an added radio-friendly crunch. These eight stumps stay stoned, throwing in elements of cymbal-laden doom cadence and spittoon sludge, but the marriage of rolling stoner bliss and carnival-guitar pullback is enough to soil your acid-washed jeans.

The days of fans following bands across the entire country are likely fleeting. Jerry Garcia's death dealt a coup de grĂ¢ce to drug caravans and sleeping bag orgies, but local bands are striking a strong impact on national tours. The Company Corvette are that band audiences will regret missing in favor of one more parking lot beer. It's safe to say SOMEONE cracked a Keystone as Yawning Man or Fu Manchu was simmering onstage. Don't be the asshole who says shit like "Man, I saw those guys before anyone heard of 'em!" No, you didn't. Well, The Company Corvette are playing right now. Get inside and pay attention.

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