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Monday, February 13, 2012

New Band To Burn One To: NARCOIRIS

Heavy Planet presents today's "New Band To Burn One To"...NARCOIRIS!


Fernando “Finger” Figueiras – Guitar / Vox
Mariano Bertolazzi – Bass
Sebastián “El Bonzo” Romani – Drums

What is it? A heavy rock trio inspired by the true classic rock sounds of Sabbath, Zeppelín, The Beatles and many 70s Argentinean heavy rock pioneers such as Pappo and Color Humano. It’s heavy, dark, slow but also it’s got a heavy melodic edge.

Hailing since 2006, Narcoiris was re-born in late 2008 when founding members Fernando “Finger” Figueiras and Mariano Bertolazzi –after playing many shows in the Buenos Aires area- suffered the desertion of a previous drummer, that’s when they crossed paths with old school drummer Sebastián Romani (former Stonerwitch, Buffalo and Humo Del Cairo among others) And decide to hit the road once again with a renewed approach and idea.

In less that 6 months they come up with 10 brand new songs which 6 of them are selected to be recorded for the first Narcoiris EP entitled “Cazador” released freely on the internet. Heavy, gloomy yet classic and powerful, Cazador was well received and quickly became the first taste of the band’s sound and helped to set foot into the local scene and to set the path to come. After an entire year of playing shows around the city, in 2011 Narcoiris hit the studio once again to record its first full length album. The result is “Temporal” a dense and thick album which hits harder than the previous effort with booming, dense drums, heavy dirty basses, down-tuned roaring guitars and mellow vocals, which take you back directly to the early bands of the Argentinean classic rock movement of the 70s.

Recorded entirely on 2’’ analog tape, and mastered in the US it is a powerful sample of the sound and ideas behind Narcoiris. We invite you to listen and make up your mind.

Because it’s not stoner, it’s not doom, it’s not psychedelic. It’s just rock.


"Narcoiris is apparently a band that does not lend well to genre labeling and I don't blame them. Fortunately for us this Argentinean 3-piece is well adept at combining the best elements of stoner and doom making for one hell of a heavy rock sound. With a clean vocal style and lyrics sung in their native tongue, Narcoiris pounds out some fine slow-grooved head-bobbing. If all "rock" were this good we wouldn't have to put up with shit like Nickleback and Three Days Grace."

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  1. Great band Reg.

    Really dig this.


  2. Hi guys! Sebastian form Narcoiris here, the cd`s been out since past october, you can listen to most of it here:

    And if you're interested in getting a physical copy, you can write us to narcoiris-rock@hotmail.com and we'll do our best to get you some rock!

    Thank you for listening and keep rockin!


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