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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We Are One-New Band To Burn One To: MAZE OF ROOTS

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Maze of Roots.


In 2007-2008 I played guitar and sang in a doom stoner band called inrveted (still active in one form or other) but our roads departed in very early 2009 due to the lack rehearsal place & motivation for some of the members...so naturally I kept on playing my guitar, I own an 8-track recording "studio" and soon discovered a drum set at school I was working as a janitor at the time, so it didnt take very long to piece together a couple of songs... less than five copies of those demos went around some selected hands.

In the winter of 2009 I had got back to school studying the magical world of printing presses and in early 2010 I recorded the drums for what was to be my first ep. The drums tracks fell into several digital fragments when my 8-track crashed a couple of times, it wasnt ´till summer I had got the drum tracks mixed back together and during a couple of weeks finished the whole 6 track self titled ep. Shortly after I abandoned the 8-tracker and got a new, better one. this ep got released the same autumn on Satanica Productions (a cdr label from New Zealand, mine is the only doom metal band on the roster) by today they have sold one copy. I also sold 50 copies my one printing at gigs during autumn.The same time I was composing new stuff, a three track demo was recorded in early 2011.

In august of this year I re-recorded those demo tracks and threw a new one in as well, I am slowly burning cdr´s up to 100 copies eventually of this second ep called "Earthen Castle". I'm selling it on gigs and while killing time at pubs and so on. It has a couple bonus tracks fom the s/t ep to fill up the space. Maybe I will send it to some record labels as well.


"Hailing from Southern Finland, Hyvinkää to be precise, comes Doom metal giant Maze of Roots. Maze of Roots is the brainchild of one Joel Aukusti Peksujeff. The music is a more traditional style of doom. Very minimalistic, creepy, slow and solemny. The mournful cries rain over the plodding drum beat and chugging guitar. Eerie sound effects lend to the haunting atmosphere as power chords ravage your soul."

Maze of Roots has generously given the readers of Heavy Planet permission to download both or their releases for FREE. Download at the links below.

Download 1|Download 2


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