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Monday, November 7, 2011

New Band To Burn One To: PILLBUSTER



The members of PILLBUSTER merged together in the fall of 2009, ranging from Detroit, Colorado, Virginia beach and  New YorK .

The band produces the sounds remnicent of a time when metal dominated while hardcore was shaking the underground with enough force to disrupt the mainstream music scene. Influences obviously range from classic New York hardcore,  all the way down to the syrup-laden sounds of southern metal and sludge bands who have set the standard for what soul truly is.

Unrestricted by current cliche's or genres, PILLBUSTER possesses a mutual drive for heaviness among its members which is molding the bands unique sonic fabric.


"Virginia-based band Pillbuster combines raw hard-edge influences with a thick layer of slow Southern sludge. The band has recently obtained the services of a new vocalist to intensify their already swamp-infested sound. Check them out!"

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  1. Awesome show at the Norva last night. These guys are bad ass live!


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