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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Heavy Planet in association with Grip of Delusion Radio will broadcast a monthly podcast. Eventually the podcast will be weekly, but for right now it will be monthly. This month's podcast features bands from Sweden. Why you ask? Listen to the podcast and find out. Many of you already know why, but for those of you that don't will see why Sweden is such a huge contributor to the Stoner Rock/Doom genre. We want to make our podcasts fun and interactive. We want to extend our blog into our podcasts. You will hear each of the writers of Heavy Planet taking turns being a "DJ". We will also feature some "New Band To Burn One To" bands from the past within each episode. We are always looking for band submissions, song submissions, episode suggestions, etc. Please tune in this Sunday October 16th from 4:00 EST-6:00 EST to listen to the show. Thanks for listening!

Here is this month's playlist:

01. Truckfighters-Desert Cruiser
02. Dozer-Lightyears Ahead
03. Greenleaf-10,000 Years of Revolution
04. Astroqueen-Planet Dust
05. Asteroid-Silver Leaf
06. Blowback-Dead Man's Blues
07. Witchcraft-Dream Catcher
08. Graveyard-Ain't Fit to Live Here
09. Mother of God-Ancient Tracks ("New Band To Burn One To")
10. Abramis Brama-Saeljer Din Sjael
11. Demon Cleaner-Megawheel
12. Spiritual Beggars-Killing Time
13. Roachpowder-Balls of the Sun
14. Awesome Machine-Black Hearted Sun
15. Lowrider-Dust Settlin'
16. Sparzanza-Black Gemini
17. The Mushroom River Band-A Sad Story
18. DoomDogs-Eye For an Eye ("New Band To Burn One To")
19. Kamchatka-Astrobucks
20. New Keepers of the Water Towers-Rise of the Lizard King
21. Candlemass-Spellbreaker
22. Burning Saviours-Spread Your Wings
23. Dead Man-High or Low
24. Stonewall Noise Orchestra-Black Cat Bone
25. Spelljammer-Nine ("New Band To Burn One To")

For all inquiries please contact us @ heavyplanet2001@yahoo.com.


  1. Yo the link to listen to the podcast doesn't work, any chance of an update? Would be keen to listen to this beast, cheers

  2. I'm working on getting that fixed. In the meantime check out these streaming podcasts.


  3. Great post! More swedish heaviness on tung-sten.tumblr.com!


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