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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): STONE IN

STONE IN is today's "NEW BAND TO BURN ONE TO"  Evening Buzz...


Stone In is held together by a common love of vintage heavies and psychedelic organisms from around the world. Armed with a doubleneck bass-guitar, tandem ride cymbals, loop pedals and two feedbacking electric amps, drummer Alberto Centurion and multi-instrumentalist Greg Valou bring you the world's first, "heavy psych power duo."

Stone In is named as an homage to Krautrock legends Guru Guru and its home is Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

"Based on their two-song Bandcamp EP, Vancouver band Stone In shows off two sides to this very talented band. One of a trippy atmospheric dirge complete with an ocean-sized wall of guitars and dreamy sequences, and the other a hard-driving funkified psychedelic freak-out with a bombastic running bass line. It shows that this band is not afraid to take chances and if done properly can put out a damn fine album. Look forward to it."


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