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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Morning Buzz): Eleven Sun

The Morning Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features Eleven Sun.



Hello! Eleven Sun is a band founded in Finland 2008. We´ll do our psychedelic rock sound somewhere around stoner/doom/heavy/progressive genre. Remaining original members of the Eleven Sun, are the founding members Tomi (vocals, percussion, fx), And the bass player Markus, known from playing guitar at band called Re-armed. Also Santtu, the drummer of Frogskin, joined our band at end of the year 2008. After a few colourful incidents we replaced our guitarist to Juha, known from Nocturnal winds, just six days before the gig. After the amazing gig we had, there was no doubt… We’ve found the missing piece. Before the self-published Absinthe sky cd-ep we made a demo that's been available only on myspace.


Eleven Sun (average age 30 yrs.) has a high work morale; we practise conscientiously and are always ready to play live. Band members have about 200 live gigs all together. We have around twenty of our own songs ready. On January 2011 we went to the studio and got four songs recorded. We reserved the lock-out for three days, and recorded all the instruments there. Missing vocals and synthetisizers we recorded in our rehearsal studio. For the mixer we found ex-employee of Markus, Jarno Hänninen of D-studio. He understood immediately how original and twisted our sounds are, and what they need to get the right atmosphere which our band wants them to be. Two and a half days of mixing and a couple of sleepless night with album covers, Eleven Sun got their first promo done on schedule: Absinthe sky, which by its length (27,34), despite having only four songs, is nearby a full album.


We aim high at Eleven sun for our future gigs and music. We are seriously looking for a record company, booking agent, marketing professional and anyone who is interested in or capable of helping us to create long and interesting career of well played and created music in this reality-TV blurred world, irrational and redefining society. We are keen to hear all kinds of feedbacks, pros and cons.

"Out of control heavy rock of seismic proportions from Finland, Eleven Sun use outer space sound effects, crunchy guitars, off-beat rhythms, and balls-to-the-wall vocals to make one hell of a scorching hot EP. Give them a listen! "

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