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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Band To Burn One To- Het Droste Effect

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is  Het Droste Effect.


Het Droste Effect’s first EP is self recorded on 8-track cassette tape at Studio Casa Cassette Eindhoven, The Netherlands. It contains 4 instrumental tracks ranging from repetitive robotrock to calm ambient to psychedelic kraut and space rock, infused with field recordings and special guests on bass, moog, vibraphonette, saxophone and monotron. Inspired by many great bands from the past and present, Hermann (guitar/engineer) & Thompson (drums/percussion) set out to create a sound of their own. We started rehearsing in the summer of 2010 and recording soon after as a duo. We will not be playing live in the near future. However, we will be back in the studio soon for new recordings. To sum it all up: we are an experimental & instrumental rock duo that invites people to jam along and record with us. 

Hermann Blaupunkt (guitar/bass/studio tech): Played guitar in stoner rock outfit Lupu Negru, made s ome concrete psychedelic music under the moniker CONE, mixed field recordings and played keys for the analog techno-project  S.T. Cordell. Also did sampling and guitar for Hijos the Mayo for a few months. Hermann runs a studio in Eindhoven called Casa Cassette where he records bands to cassette tape on 8-track recorders.

Thompson Dubé (drums/percussion):

Also plays drums and percussion for the illusive stoner jazz duo On A Green Slope in Dark Water. Ex: Wild West Coniferen, Senga Etna, and S.T. Cordell he now continues his journey of becoming your local superstar. Featuring off the chart graphic ability’s and sporting a healthy ‘if you don’t like this fuck you!’ attitude.

This EP from Dutch instrumental duo Het Droste Effect integrates soothing ambience with fuzzed out space rock/jazz by using a plethera of interesting instruments to fully embody the listener into a zen-like trance. Immerse yourself in Het Droste Effect. The EP is available for FREE download on their Bandcamp page.


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