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Friday, June 24, 2011

New Band To Burn One To (Evening Buzz): IAGO

The Evening Buzz edition of "New Band To Burn One To" today features IAGO.


After having met in late 2002, Matt Green and Matthew Fulton (or “Bowski” as he is known to many for convenience sake) started jamming in 2003. Later joined by Nathan Miller in 2004, the three-piece IAGO was born.

Many gigs, jams and self recordings followed and in 2006 we released our debut EP ‘The Devout Sessions’. After extensive gigging throughout the country for the next couple of years we earned a reputation for being different than your average band. Not only did we switch around on instruments but many people were unable to label us with a genre of music. A couple of sayings did stick with the band members though. They were “doom-laden stoner grunge” and “black grunge”. Phrases/genre coined by people just for IAGO.

Having enjoyed our escapades into the local music scene we returned to the studio and stayed there until we had something we were happy with. While it took longer than expected, we got there and the end result is ‘Mare ex Fumus’. Our plan now? To tour the country far and wide, then further afield. And then further some more.

We hope you’ll join us.

This three-piece band from Belfast, Ireland exudes a down right dirty brand of heavy grunge rock with a metal edge. From the driving rhythms, the thick as hell guitars and a unique throaty vocal, IAGO are dark, sick and twisted rather than depressing and withdrawn. "Black Grunge" indeed! The band will soon be releasing their EP "Mare ex Fumus". Contact the band for your copy!

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