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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CD Review: Elvis Deluxe - Favourite State of Mind

Elvis Deluxe - Favourite State of Mind

by Zac Boda

I must share this, because it is a rare occurrence now-a-days.  I arrive home from a languish day at the office to find a package with Polish stamps all over it.  I became very excited to what this gift may be.  Upon opening, I am welcomed by a CD, an actual CD (plastic case, booklet, the whole sha-bang).  This is rare to me, in a time when most all music I receive is by download.  I am so happy to add this to my ever growing CD collection.  Psychedelic purple artwork and the words, "ELVIS DELUXE" are my introduction.  If this wasn't an invite to jam, I do not know what is!  The artwork peeks the senses as I prepare for the first listen...    

Elvis Deluxe bring a progessive movement to the always awesome desert rock scene.  These musicians from Warsaw, Poland created a very "Kyuss" influenced freshman album in "Lazy".  Nothing to extreme or earth shattering, just great, groovy, and fuzzed out rock.  With "Favourite State of Mind" Elvis Deluxe mix in some psychedelia, hardcore and punk touches.  These additions add some serious depth and textures to an already excellent sound.  The album is packed too!  Eleven tracks and an intro that couldn't be better placed or produced!

ED get things started with "Let Yourself Free".  With a very rock 'n' roll riff and drum roll, you will be pleasantly surprised with the "hardcore punk" vocals begin.  The selling point of this tune is the almost "whispered" lyrics about two minutes into the song.  Just as quickly as she begun, ED rolls us right into their "Favourite State of Mind".    There is so much jam-tastic content you will not know what to do with yourself.  "Out All Night" and "This Time" bring the rock ferociously.  "Out There" slows things down, just enough to prepare you for "Take It Slow".  "Break the Silence" is very punk inspired with grand thrash movements. Hardcore shouts, a run time under three minutes...  one would think this is a complete punk tune, then half way into the song ED transitions completely to mellowed out doom.  Truly a stand out track, maybe my favorite.  "Break..." then smoothly becomes... "Fire (Loveboy)".  "A Place to Stay", is the only way to end an album like this.  The track begins with an adrenaline building riff-age, really brings a feel of the rock scene a couple decades ago: smoke, whiskey, and wall to wall packed bars of fans just seething at the mouth for a good sound. 

Elvis Deluxe, you have completely won this listener over.  What a great combination of my favorite styles of rock, this is what I live for.  I have a good feeling I will be adding this to my Best of 2011 list.  I hope to run into Elvis Deluxe on my trip to Poland, I would love to experience this live! 

Bert Trust - Guitar
Bolek - Guitar
Miko - Drums
Ziemba - Bass / Vox

4.5 out of 5.0

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