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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Sludge: Morning Ablaze, The Burial Tide, Brainoil

Alright people, with Reg out for the weekend enjoying massive quantities of the demon drink (which is a cool way of saying he's at a weekend long beer festival…lucky bastard), I've been left in charge of his baby…Sunday Sludge. Hopefully I can do it justice. I will be keeping with the recent format of featuring three sludge bands for your listening pleasure…the difference this week is that all three happen to hail from the same geographic area. Without further ado…I give you some of the best sludge metal coming out of the San Francisco bay area…enjoy!

Morning Ablaze
Bio: "Morning Ablaze is a punch in the face and a kick in the head at the same time. Driving fast parts and plenty of mid-tempo grooves bring to mind the likes of Entombed, Pro-Pain, Crowbar... you get the picture. Past bands or side projects include Knob, Decimated Legion, Bokkishta, Samsara & Inside Conflict. These experiences and life in general contribute to Morning Ablaze's sound."

My 2 cents: These guys incorporate some serious groove into a genre that often lacks such a quality. The Pro-Pain name drop from the description above is most definitely warranted. The vocals are beautifully abrasive, the guitars thick and chunky and the rhythm section a pure gut buster. Morning Ablaze plays a fast paced brand of sludge, not unlike the more uptempo bursts you get in many Crowbar songs. But lest that concern you, fear not…this band isn't afraid to slow things down to a crawl when necessary. With a seven song EP titled "World Collapse" on the horizon, these guys are certainly worth keeping an eye on.

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The Burial Tide
Bio: "Man is immortal; therefore he must die endlessly. For life is a creative idea; it can only find itself in changing forms. -Rabindranath Tagore"

My 2 Cents: The Burial Tide plays a more atmospheric blend of sludge, employing mesmerizing soundscapes, guttural vocals and driving rhythms. From the quote in their bio and song titles like "Prophets and Shadows", the assumption can be made that this is thinking man's sludge. But when the clouds lift on the complexity of their sound and they break it down, you're left with a raw, brutal experience. This is wickedly heavy shit…devastating in its intensity…a must listen! If you like what you hear, the guys have a demo CD available by contacting them via their website...see link below.

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Bio: "With a wall of raspy down-tuned equipment, Brainoil plays powerful, tight rhythm-section based songs. Brainoil have been jamming since Oct. of 2000, debuting live on March 3rd, 2001.

Converging the energy of various styles within the punk hardcore scene, Brainoil personnel have a history of contributions to underground music. Ira has a long past of beating the drums for bands such as Grimple, Ojo Rojo, Gag Order and Watch them Die. Nate has blasted the guitar for Destroy!, Nigel Pepper Cock, and Stormcrow. Greg has pounded on the bass, screamed into the mic and experimented with noise for Lana Dagales, Laudanum and I Will Kill You Fucker."

My 2 Cents: Brainoil are the only one of our three featured bands today to actually hail from across the bay in nearby Oakland, California. According to their bio, they've been creating their stellar brand of sludgy punk since 2000…so how the hell I've managed to miss out on them for over 10 years is beyond me. If you're uninformed like I was…then consider yourself initiated. Brainoil is the band that is going to be devastating your ears for the foreseeable future. Their shit manages to make sludge seem catchy…I simply can't get enough of it. The vocals oftentimes resemble the witchy rasp of Carcass' Jeff Walker. The music ranges from blitzkrieg hardcore tempos to excruciatingly slow dirges…and that's within the same song. This is your new fucking favorite band…do not miss out. New album due out very soon.

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