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Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Band To Burn One To-Liquid Me

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Liquid Me.


Liquid Me is a post-grunge, punk-infused, hard rock power-trio from upstate NY (Oneonta).  Years in the making, the band’s signature style is anchored by its attentiveness to the groove.  Highlighted by captivating vocal stylings, nasty guitar riffs, and a pounding backline, Liquid Me has put together a compelling musical product, and has positioned itself to make a very real impact in 2011.

At Liquid Me’s core, Lotus (vocals, guitar) and Kris (bass) have been developing their sound, and catalog, together for years.  Their focus, and ultimate goal, has remained a constant over time: to craft, and perfect, classically-sensible rock-n-roll, with a big dose of edgy, dark, new-school punch.  Nasty and tourniquet-tight, loaded with memorable hooks and whiplash-inducing riffs, Liquid Me has evolved as a musical commodity, and as individual players, to become a scene-stirring force that cannot be denied or overlooked.  On a superficial level, Liquid Me’s material is, apparently, immediately discernable to audiences, and always brings about an emphatic, fired-up response.  However, with gritty, unforgettable lyrics, deeply cerebral melody lines, and an entirely refreshing take on the science of rock music, Liquid Me has all the tools needed to stay in fans heads, and hearts, for years to come.

Liquid Me earned its break in winning over esteemed producer, Jeff Da Bella (Autopilot Off, Island/Universal).  Da Bella immediately gravitated towards the band’s fresh take on the classical model, and noted that few bands, if any, can force comparisons to acts as apparently different as are Sonic Youth, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, and Motorhead, while still producing a musical product that just flat-out works.  Da Bella was so taken by the band and their potential, in fact, that he worked with the band to remedy a massive, potential deal-breaker which occurred during the term of the production agreement (involving a former band-member’s untimely incarceration), rather than electing to scrap the project and throw the band out into the street, as dictated by industry-standard practice.  The EP is presently being mastered by fellow industry stud, Mike Dominici (Black Label Society, Mos Def, etc), and is already thought to be a breakthrough achievement by those in the loop.  In fact, the band plans to return to the studio, with Da Bella, to complete the full-length album this year.

While Liquid Me’s self-titled EP will not be released until this June, the band has recently pre-released its first single, and video, “She Said.”  Both are posted on Liquid Me’s social networking sites (links below). 

Guided by a steady drum beat, crunchy guitars, an infectious bass line and impassioned vocals, Liquid Me lends a twist to their unique brand of heavy rock. Although the band currently has only one song available for listening, it is enough to get you excited for more from this power trio from upstate New York.

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