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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Sludge: A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm, Sons of God, Throng of Shoggoths

Alright people, I'm back from a one week layoff. I was sicker than shit last week, so I do apologize. I have some fine bands for you guys to check out on this week's edition of Sunday Sludge. First up we have from France, A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm.

A VERY OLD GHOST BEHIND THE FARM is the keeper of a hidden truth. This project deals with fear, tales of dead horses and bewitched maids, peasants' superstitious deeds and forgotten devilish rites.

These nightmare stories take the form of haunted HEAVY ROCK songs drowned into a corrosive SLUDGE bath.

Sometimes shall you hear the voices of very ancient ghosts.
Sometimes shall you feel the touch of some diabolic spell.
Sometimes shall you behold what hides behind the farm.

A Very Old Ghost Behind the Farm's music is the the perfect soundtrack to your next ouija board seance. Let these guys conjure up the spirits with their sludgy doom-inspired raspy throated brand of metal. The band's most recent release "Primary Septagon" is available through their Bandcamp site as a pay what you desire, so be kind to these gents and help them any way you can.

Next up is Sons of God. Sons of God is not your typical Southern Sludge band, what I mean by that is that these guys are a Christian band. Here is a little information about the band.

Founder, guitar and vocalist Eric Crowe [ex Social Infestation & Big Yellow Mama] knew that he could no longer live his life for the sake of this world and could no longer play music that didn’t glorify Jesus Christ. With a burning passion and desire to spread the Gospel, Sons of God was born. Over the course of years there have been numerous line-up changes and unscheduled hiatus’, but things seem to have gotten a lot heavier and tighter with a new line-up, which includes: Tommy Butler (ex-60 seconds, Huckleberry and Dead Sewn Lips) & Colby Anderson (Apathetic Discharge) to fill in for the time being. Sons of God takes influence from bands inside and outside the Christian circle (Lynyrd Skynyrd, Place of Skulls, Sleep,  Goatsnake, Weedeater, Disciple, Buzzov*en, etc.) which has brought about persecution from many. Our sound is more stoner rock / doom than the more popular sounds of metalcore and scene bands. As a band we will never force “religion” down peoples throat, because religion in itself is bondage. Jesus Christ didn’t come to bring religion, but truth and light. Besides who are we to judge, no one is perfect, why should anyone pretend that they are? We just want to spread the Gospel, be who we are and meet you where you are.

These guys know how to bring it. Sludgy heavy southern groove with whiskey soaked vocals, Check out the track "Hogtie'n the Devil and you'll see what I mean.

Our final band this week is Throng of Shoggoths.

Sludge/doom/death metal band from Birmingham AL. Formed originally as a trio Summer 2010, guitarist Andrew and bassist Tim were members of thrash band Annexed Asylum. Drummer Chris Hendrix is currently guitarist with long-lived hardcore/dada weirdos Grossest National Product. By Fall 2010, the band expanded to a quartet with the addition of Allen Eaton on bass, Tim moving to guitar.

Ahhh, some crusty death/sludge from sweet home Alabama. The songs are brutally intense with guttural vocals and lyrics inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and Austin Osman Spare. The band currently has their latest offering "Nauseated and Terrified for the Future" available on their Bandcamp site for a measly $3. Go help these guys out any way you can!

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  1. Hey man... dig Sons of God man... Do you know of any other Christian-type Stoner Sludge since you're the purveyor of all Sludge knowledge?


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