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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Band To Burn One To-Yama

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Yama.


Yama is a heavy rock band from Tilburg/Utrecht, NL.

We've been playing since 2008 under the moniker Les Ailes and did some gigs in '09. In 2010 we switched bass-players and changed the band name to Yama, after the Tibetan God of Death. We started writing new material and reinvented some of our older tracks. Our influences range from (60's/70's) psychedelic rock, doom and stonerrock to delta-blues.We focus on heavy grooves and big riffs, and switch up before things get too boring or stoned, so no 20-minute instrumentals (yet). Think Goatsnake, Baroness, and Graveyard, and the occasional High on Fire-type stonermetal riff, and you'll have a good idea of what we're about: heavy fuzzed-out grooving stoner rock with a kick.

Our musical backgrounds are very different. Alex (vocals, bluesharp) used to play in a melodic trashmetal outfit called Encircled but has been influenced by anything from singer-songwriter to doommetal over the years. Elmer (drums) has been playing for years in bands that border on insanity, mostly (post-)punk and freaky garagerock. Sjoerd (guitar) is a trained jazz/improv guitarist but a real stoner/doom fanatic at heart. And Peter (bass), our latest addition to the band currently also does battle with the kvlt black-metal legion of Grift. The sound of Yama is a mix of these influences and then some - we do what we do best and we do it groovy, fuzzy and loud!

Right now we have our 2011 demo ready to be released to the masses. You can listen to it and download it on our bandcamp-page. We're not just writing and recording though, we've played in several venues such as Tivoli de Helling, Utrecht and 013, Tilburg and hope to play as many gigs as we can, so get ready for the Lord of Death to blow your brains out in a filthy bar near you! ~Yama

Dutch band Yama's (from the city of Tilburg home of the Roadburn festival) self-titled demo is chock-full of progressive psych, plodding doom, heavy blues and enourmous riffs. "Hollow" starts off with a gloomy Johnny Cash-like vocal then builds into a mid-tempo heavy psychedelic rocker. Bluesy doom rocker "Seaquake" complete with mouth harp starts off with the Zep-inspired lyric "keeps on raining levee is gonna break" which leads into a sweltering riff as hot as the desert sun. The EP ends with "Synergy" which is a heavy as hell slow psychedelic trip to the depths of hell complete with a mad guitar lead and tortured vocals. Overall, the band shows a ton of promise. The EP is available for free download on their Bandcamp page. Go get it now!


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