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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Band To Burn One To-God Ox

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is God Ox.


In the early Middle Ages, many rival religions and philosophical schools (including Christianity, Gnosticism, Neoplatonism, and Manicheanism) competed for domination of the hearts and minds of the world. One such faith that has been mostly forgotten, is that of Oxism. There is evidence to suggest its origins go back as far as ancient Greece. Xenophanes of Colophon may have eluded to it when he wrote “Yes, and if oxen had hands, and could paint with their hands, and produce works of art as men do, oxen would paint the forms of the gods like oxen and make their bodies in the image of their several kinds.” (500 B.C.) Most sacred Oxic texts burned with the Library of Alexandria in 391 A.D. However, one piece of scripture, the Book of Abyssal Gigantism, survived, and was recently discovered by five unsuspecting rock musicians, who upon reading the text, were instantly transformed into the five original Oxchetypes: War, Frost, Axe, Myth, and Beast, who have taken the mantle of the High Priests of Oxism. These sonic conquistadors receive direct communications from their Lord God Ox, may he be exalted, and channel His word into excruciatingly sludgy riffs with blues infused space crooning and annihilative rhythmic pummeling. Inseminating the world with divine wisdom, God Ox embody the uncanny strength and nobility of oxen, who have been made in His image. Their thunderous onslaught of righteous metal will be your ecstatic rapture or agonizing torment for all eternity!

God Ox:
Myth Ox – drums
Axe Ox – guitar
Beast Ox – bass
Frost Ox – guitar
War Ox – vox

A very interesting band from NYC, these Stoner/Doom merchants have a huge fascination with theology as well as the word OX as each band member takes on the surname. I love the soft yet heavy bass lines, the wah-wah blues-licks, and  the overdramatic vocals. The riffs are massive! Listen to this one a few times before you actually get it. I guess you could call this thinking man's Doom.

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