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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Band To Burn One To-3 For the Fire

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is 3 For the Fire.


"3 For the Fire are a psychedelic power rock trio out of Providence, Rhode Island. Formed in 2009 by blind  singer/guitarist Aaron Roberts with Erik Wilkinson on drums and Kurt Rowlinson on bass. The band went to work on their debut self titled album in late 2009. Their influences like Alice in Chains and Queens of the Stone Age melded with Frank Zappa and Mr. Bungle which spawned some strange yet ecclectic songs. "We wanted to have an album that was theatre of the mind but was still kick ass rock". Their sound combines powerful riffs  and melodic groove mixed with blues vocal harmonies and stories of myth and science fiction. Recording  and mixing  the album in their own studio allowed the band to explore a new sound without time limits.  Their use of echo's  and reverbs bring an expansive dreamscape sound  to this record  "We like using the uncontrolable analog effects and then  blend them together with a controlled digital processor to try an make each effect warp the other." Released on their own label FireBox Records in January 2011, 3 For the Fire will be touring in support of the new album. Check out 3FortheFire.com for shows and band news."

Heavy harmonies, intricate rhythms, pounding bass lines and stellar musicianship ooze from this three-piece band from Rhode Island.  Eclectic in tastes, this band does not let their variety of influences stray. They take all the bits and pieces and  join them together for a cohesive slab of psych-tinged progressive power rock goodness. Think Faith No More meets King's X. Give them a listen. If you dig what you hear then pick up a copy of their album at CDBaby.com.

The first person to send me their address will win a copy of their self-titled debut.


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  1. This was a really good album, a nice collection of styles


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