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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CD Review: Palm Desert-Falls of the Wastelands

Palm Desert - Falls of the Wastelands

by Zac Boda

Wroclaw, Poland... Palm Desert, California...  Who knew the sound Kyuss and the other desert and stoner rock artists would influence Franek (vocals), Jajo (guitar), Janek (bass), and Kamil (drums), of Palm Desert, to revitalize this sound.  Righteous.  Drop "Falls of the Wastelands" in your music listening device (whatever that may be, hopefully 8 track in a '70s Firebird), blast into Death Valley, head down to Palm Desert, CA.  When you arrive drop in Kyuss' "Welcome to Sky Valley" for the ride back.  This is how dusty dry desert rock should be taken. 

FoW begins with the sun's rays beating ever so ferociously over you, the wind whips and burns the skin.  After the Storm is an excellent "intro segue" (if there is such a thing) instrumental to Chase the Sun.  Are there any other song titles or sounds that could make you feel as you are journeying into the desert?  PD really bring these feelings and visualizations to life with FoW.  All of the instruments meld so well together with Franek's vocals uniting the sound.  I personally get a feel of early Soundgarden / Chris Cornell, especially noticeable in Yerba Mate (which I guess is a type of tea?).  Yerba Mate is by far my favorite track of FoW.  With an eight minute run time, a mellow and intensifying groove, beginning a climax approximately 5:30 into the track that then runs through, and killer riff... how could this not be?  FoW continues with more favorites: The Tempter with it's intoxicating swirl of jams, Adilwun's very mellow and tribal chants, and Jesus' fuzzy licks!  And then there is the monumental Solar Trip.  This jam has a decompressing intro that seems to last for five minutes and escalates into a whirl wind of distorted guitar delight. 

If you love Kyuss and early Soundgarden, I think you will most certainly enjoy this one.  PD has done a phenomenal job with Falls of the Wastelands.  Well done mates, I'll see you in Poland (no really, I will). 

4.5 out of 5.0

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