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Saturday, April 9, 2011

CD Review: The Osedax - Delayed Response

The Osedax-Delayed Response

by Zac Boda

Sooo... what is The Osedax?? Hmm... I must do some detective work. Thank you Wikipedia, I think I would be lost without you! Upon researching The Osedax, I found it to be a whale bone eating worm found deep in the ocean. Also known as "bone worm" or, my favorite, "zombie worm". Very interesting, this would explain some of the band The Osedax's awesome artwork! Let's see if we can make any correlations between the two by the end of the review. Enough about the zombie worm for now, we are here for the music, right?

Here are some new (to me at least) sludger's from McLean, Virginia. They have added the brutality of hardcore to the slow churning grooves of our favorite southern sludge. I would fair to say, Osedax, you do it quite well. TO begins this epic with the slow grind of The Purging (I'm guessing very much like the zombie worm does to it's whale victim). The stand-out tracks include White Noise Transmission, Transient Progression, Delayed Response, and Primary Signal. W N T is rather fast paced bringing a new dimension to the slow churn of The Purging. Transient Progression is a beauitifully mellow composition, bringing peace (very much like what I image the victim, of our friend the zombie worm, feels before it's dissolution) before transtioning into the title track Delayed Response. D R brings us back to the slothful swirl. Arriving at Primary Signal we are greeted with an almost tribal drum, backed up with thick bass lines and a frightening growl.

When all is over, The Osedax has surpassed the mere flesh and arrived at its destination (the bone it has been waiting patiently to feed on). There is nothing one can do once the process has begun but to enjoy the overthrow of TO.

4.5 out of 5.0

Josh Albright - Vocals
Scott Coldwell - Guitar
Kevin Grevey - Drums
Mike Horn - Bass


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