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Sunday, February 27, 2011

March Bandness: Regions and Seedings

Some of you have voiced your concern over your band's Region placement. If your band was from the USA it was placed in a region based on your geographical location. ex. Stoner Rock Region (West Region) California, Sludge Region (South Region) Texas, etc. If your band was from a foreign country, ex. Canada your band would be placed in the Psychedelic Region (North Region). The genre may or may not reflect your band's sub-genre. ex. if you are a Psychedelic band you could be placed in the Doom Region (East Region) based on the location of your band. Your band's seeding is based on how many fans your band had on Reverb Nation at the time the brackets were being decided. Also, based on seedings your band may end up matching up with a band other than your band's genre. ex. a Sludge band may match up with a Psychedelic band. I hope this clarifies the situation. Good luck to all the bands involved.

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