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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Heavy Rotation-Backwoods Payback-"Self-Titled"

After hearing about the band's recent signing to Small Stone Records and the impending release of their second full-length album, I decided to go back and listen to the band's self-titled debut. Therefore, Backwoods Payback is in "Heavy Rotation".

When I first heard Backwoods Payback the first thing I heard was the obvious Clutch influence. This was confirmed when I told my wife to listen and tell me what she thought and she said "Is this Clutch?", well enough of the obvious, lets discuss just how badass this band is.

Backwoods Payback is a grimey whisky-driven Stoner Rock band from Eastern, PA that adds heavy fuckin' Doom riffs and a southern rock flare to their music. One might also say that they hear a bit of a resemblence to Glenn Danzig in guitarist/vocalist Mike Cummings vocals.

The album opens with an "homage" to former Philadelphia Phillies all-star "Mickey Morandini", the song thuds along to a slow lumbering riff calling out "I thought I told you before, I'm a motherfucker!". And continues to verbally assault to a repeating "You don't wanna fuck with me". After the assault, the band begins to settle into what they do best and that is to kick a killer groove and they do just that on "Baja 6 Pack"

Next track"Brandywine" features an organ that eerily creeps around in the background and is a nice change of pace.  While "Wide-Eyed" has a sweet laid back riff that gets stuck in your head and gets your head bobbing.

The flanged-out spacey beginning of "Bastard Squad" leads into a nice and slow Clutch-like groove. Slow and low that is the tempo. Next up is probably my favorite song on the album "You Shittin' Me?" Screaming out "Do you know the life I lead, it's leading me to hell" is then followed by a blistering southern rock lick and around the 2 minute mark plunges you in to the depths of hell with a nice doom groove. That shit never gets old.

The rest of the album continues along in much the same fashion with the standout tracks being "16 Penny Driven" in which Dave Sherman (Earthride, ex-Spirit Caravan) lends his vocal talents and the heavy boogie flavor of "Kill All Hell". 

These 3 guys and 1 girl are not out to reinvent the wheel, they are just out to have a good time and do what they love to do, rock! Can't wait to hear what Backwoods Payback has in store for 2011. The band has just released details on a tour with Lo-Pan. Click here for details.

Highly recommended for fans of Clutch, Scissorfight, Alabama Thunderpussy, Artimus Pyledriver

Backwoods Payback is:

Mike Cummings: Guitar, Vocals
Jessica Baker: Bass
Rylan Caspar: Guitar
W.S. Curtiss: Drums


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