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Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Band To Burn One To-Scattered Earth

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Scattered Earth.

Beginning in late 2007, the seed for Scattered Earth was planted as a conversation between friends on the way home from a concert. Slowly, unsteadily, but surely, the pieces came together to form the complete unit that they are today. Discontent with Long Island's cliché-ridden scene, the band takes pride in being the proverbial black sheep. With songs ranging from slow, plodding dirges to fast-paced sonic barrages, their sound is unpredictable, unconventional and most of all, unrelenting. Their first demo, "To Suffer..." was released in January 2010 and they are currently focused on playing shows and writing for a second demo and full-length in the imminent future.

Drawing influences from bands such as Down, High On Fire, and Alice in Chains, Scattered Earth from New York has one goal in mind and that is to break your eardrums. The band blasts its way through songs filled with bombastic devastation.


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