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Monday, December 20, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Whooping Crane

As also seen on The Soda Shop

Today's New Band To Burn One To is New York's own Whooping Crane.
Since their initial performance in early 2008, mere months after their first rehearsal, the Brooklyn trio WHOOPING CRANE has been whooping up a raucous racket of riff rock that’s winning over everyone from hipsters (several congregate outside the group’s rehearsal room when they’re too broke to get into shows) to heads to Harvard grads (who paid the band a princely sum to whip up a whiskey-fuelled brunch frenzy on the day of the big game against Yale.) Guitarist/vocalist Michael Lo (“Big Sir”) boasts an impressive musical pedigree, having recorded and/or toured with artists ranging from heady disco pioneers The Phenomenal Handclap Band to Latin soul legend Joe Bataan to garage and punk luminaries such as Richard Lloyd and Tav Falco’s Panther Burns. He and drummer Bushwick Ronnie Seward have been serious crate-digging DJs for over 10 years. Not surprisingly, when they got together, they tailored Whooping Crane’s sound around influences they loved, striving to combine all the elements of their favorite DJ selections into one musical manifesto: heavy blues-based rock with creamy guitar tones, funky soul rhythms and a good dose of psychedelic and Krautrock flourishes, topped off with cowbells, fuzz bass, hooky choruses and an overall jivey, blissed-out, good-time spirit. Could it be done? You bet your ass - the addition of former Sophistos bassist Keith Avenue brought this grand vision to fruition, and the Crane took to the stage almost immediately. The band is often joined onstage and in the studio by vocalist Kathleen Cholewka (of Discovery, Les Sans Culottes and Madam Robot & the Lust Brigade) and blues harp player Brian Hurd (of The Electric Shadows and Daddy Long Legs.) Whooping Crane’s 6-song EP, Riffin’ For Rent, is now available and receiving airplay on various radio stations such as WFMU, WKDU in Philadelphia…even in North Dakota (where it has remained a staple of the “Psychedelic Velveeta” show.) The group will soon be recording a new single for Philly's Rocktits crew, and an east coast mini-tour is in the works for Spring 2010 as well.
Their EP, Riffin' for Rent has been in constant rotation for me since I got it back in 2009. This is a band that has it together and is ready for great things. I don't say that about a lot of bands but these guys do.

Imagine Jimi Henrix was still alive making music today. Mix in a little Joe Walsh (thanks Woody!), James Brown, a bit of Black Sabbath and some acid blues and you get some of the finest music on any side of any ocean, lake or river you want to name. The EP is fast, psychedelic, groovy and the mix is perfect. the backing vocals compliment the music on “She’s a Knockout” and “One Hit Sally.” The guitar is top notch and mesmerizing on tracks “Voomp!”, “Tomm Tapp” and the closing track, “Straight Dope,” -The Soda Shop

The band currently has a Kickstarter campaign going where they're looking for you, the fans to contribute to their next 45" release featuring new songs "Test Driver" and "Let Me Hear the Dropping Pin" and they could use your help. A live video for "Test Driver" can be seen below. You can check out the Kickstarter HERE and get involved.

The band currently has their EP Riffin' for Rent available for streaming through both Myspace and Bandcamp. Bandcamp has an extra song and can be purchased digitally. Check them out today, you'll be glad you did.

MySpace profileGet this album from Bandcamp

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