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Friday, December 17, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-DoomDogs

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is DoomDogs.

DoomDogs is a stoner/doom metal band from Göteborg, Sweden. They play a mid-paced version of slightly uglified stoner doom with crust and doomcore elements. Sort of like mixing Crowbar and a slowed down Kyuss with Neurosis and Cult Of Luna. Due to their tendencies to go all out of stoner, or to simply make experimental twists from time to time, the band doesn’t always stay on the “pure” doom metal track.

DoomDogs was formed in 2007 by guitarist and composer Christer "Chris The Riff" Cuñat !

DoomDogs vocalist Tomas "GG" Eriksson was the drummer in the original line-up of the classic Swedish Death/Black Metal band Grotesque, a precursor to At The Gates.

DoomDogs debut album was released in February 2010 by Doomentia Records (CD/CD-digi) and High Roller Records (Vinyl LP) to some very favorable reviews. Read reviews here.

DoomDogs have (since May 2010) a new drummer - Emil Rolof - and are currently in the process of writing and rehearsing new material for the next DOOMDOGS full-length album. Recordings will start early January 2011 (due for release March 2011).

The new DoomDogs album will sound like Black Sabbath meets Orange Goblin meets Candlemass meets Motorhead and will be released on both CD and Vinyl LP by Doomentia Records.

I was pretty damned impressed with the current album and am totally looking forward to the new material. This is a band that you definitely need to hear. This band just made my Top 20 for 2010!


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