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Sunday, December 12, 2010

CD Review: Lionize-Destruction Manual

I got so excited today when I opened my e-mail and saw the new Lionize, so excited that I listened to it immediately and decided to try my hand at a review. This is so fresh that there is not even any album art available.

First of all, I will be perfectly honest with you, I am not a big fan of reggae. But if you team it up with a little stoner rock and some funk it makes it totally awesome! This band caught my ear when seeing them open up for Clutch last year and frankly not really knowing what to expect I simply couldn't get enough. The fact that Clutch's very own Tim Sult lends his hand to the project helps out tremendously by using a ton of reverb and wah-wah to create that groovy jam feel.

DESTRUCTION MANUAL, the band's third full-length (produced by J. Robbins of Jawbox) finds the band continuing its exploration of the stoner-rock, funk and reggae landscapes along with a completely unique and modern spin. Many of the songs on DESTRUCTION MANUAL start with a jaw dropping riff then the band catches their groove with a funky smooth reggae flow which then takes a back seat to the awesome wailing guitar.

One of the best aspects of this band other than the stellar musicianship is the passionate and gritty vocal of Nathan Bergman who also plays guitar. Rounding out the band are LaMel Randolph and Henry Upton who hint at a rock-and-roll version of Sly and Robbie joined with the classic scorching Hammond organ and key sounds of Chris Brooks. Reggae heavyweights David Hinds and Selwyn Brown of Steel Pulse lend their vocal talents on the track "Killers and Crooks" and as I mentioned previously the phenomenal guitar work of Tim Sult from Clutch who lends his talents throughout this record.

With DESTRUCTION MANUAL set to be released on Hardline Entertainment early Feb. 2011 and tours supporting Authority Zero, Streetlight Manifesto, Lionize continues to turn ears as a novel addition to the sonic terrain of rock and roll with its train of heavy riffs, wailing organ, and pulsating reggae. So go roll up a fatty and smoke it!


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