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Monday, November 1, 2010

How To Submit Your Band To Heavy Planet

So you have a band and need to have it heard by the masses, well Heavy Planet is here to help. Over the last 3-plus years nearly 200 bands have been featured as the "New Band To Burn One To" on Heavy Planet.

This is where you can submit your band for inclusion on Heavy Planet. I only have a few rules that I would like for you to follow:

1. Your band must fall into the Stoner Rock/Metal, Doom, Sludge, Heavy Psychedelic/Experimental categories. I will not accept Death Metal, Black Metal, Hardcore, Indie Rock, Nickleback clones, Singer/Songwriter, etc.

2. Please provide a bio of your band. No bio, no submission.

3. Please provide a link to your Website, MySpace, Facebook, Bandcamp, etc. page(s).

4. If you like, you can also provide links for album and song downloads to share with my readers.

Pretty simple so far, right? Think again.

By placing your band on Heavy Planet, your band gets free exposure to a much greater audience. In addition to Heavy Planet, your band will also be featured on StonerRock.com and The Soda Shop as well.

Any promotional materials such as CDs, stickers, T-shirts, etc. can be sent to this address:

Heavy Planet
524 Vernon Street
New Kensington, Pa. 15068
Attn: Reviews

After abiding by all the rules above, you can submit your band to heavyplanet2001@yahoo.com

*Please do not let your feelings get hurt if I do not respond back to you. The waiting list is pretty large so just be patient, I will get to your band as long as you follow the rules above. Just keep checking back for your band's posting.

*Please share the "New Band To Burn One To" link for your band with your fans.



For serious inquiries: Ariel Publicity

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