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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween-HallowDoom-Stoner/Doom Playlist

When I think of Halloween music I always hear the theme from Halloween or the theme from The Exorcist. But when you think about it, the true Halloween music has to be Doom metal. Black Sabbath lead the way with songs such as "Black Sabbath" and "Children of the Grave" with their bone-chilling riffs and tales of impending doom.

Here is a delightful collection of some of the scariest, creepiest, spine-tingling Stoner/Doom metal tunes for your Halloween hauntings. Boo!

01. Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
02. Pray For The Dead - Trouble
03. Black Saint - Witch
04. A Cry From The Crypt - Candlemass
05. The Ghoul - Pentagram
06. The Hills Have Eyes - Electric Wizard
07. Orange Goblin - Orange Goblin
08. Demon Cleaner - Kyuss
09. The Creeps - Saint Vitus
10. History of Hell (Crippled Lucifer) - Burning Witch
11. Evil (Is Going On) - Monster Magnet
12. Hello-o)))-ween - Sunn O)))
13. From Beyond - Sleep
14. North Berwick Witch Trials - Cathedral
15. Ghosts Along The Mississippi - Down
16. Phantoms - Solitude Aeturnus
17. Walking Through Walls - Centurions Ghost
18. Evil Ways - Graveyard
19. Cascades Of Phantoms - Las Cruces
20. Taming Of The Demons - Earthride (Metal)
21. Ghost - Buried At Sea
22. Frankenstein - Clutch
23. Dracula Dragon Trick - Tusk
24. Grim Reefer - Bongzilla
25. Witching Hour - High On Fire
26. Phantoms - Kylesa
27. Devil's Night - Gideon Smith
28. Dance Of The Dead - Corrosion of Conformity
29. Twilight Grave - Black Pyramid
30. R.I.P - Witchfinder General

Listen now!

I think you are able to listen to the first 25 tracks for free. So choose wisely.

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