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Friday, September 10, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Blaxeed

As also seen on The Soda Shop

The next group to be featured today is a band from Dayton, OH called Blaxeed. They play some hard blues, rock, metal.
Blaxeed is a heavy drinkin' hard rockin' no frills 4 man rock-n-roll band dedicated to writing and performing original music. This is no bullshit straight up hard rock born like steel from acid & molten pig iron. Bangin' rhythms, rippin' leads, thumpin' bass and screamin' vocals capture a lifetime of emotions in every song. Blaxeed's music truly is rock and roll straight from the soul. Their live performance is nothing less than a rock solid, beer guzzling, whiskey snortin', tube amplified, high voltage, double kick bass beat down of the highest order. So if you or anyone you know is scared of a little loud music, a few cold drinks, and a hell of a good time, make sure to be on the look out Blaxeed may be raising hell in a local bar near you.
They only have 2 songs posted on their Myspace page to hear but more is on the way.



  1. wow what an awesome performance...this is the first time i have heard of these guys...ill be checking them out now...

  2. This is an old video..... They are WAY more rockin' than this - Check out there video "Blaxeed Live - Woodshock 2010" on youtube... PEACE!


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