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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Band To Burn One To - Planet Eater

As also seen on The Soda Shop

The next New Band To Burn One To comes from Albany, New York. the band is Planet Eater and they play a very fast and heay metal style in the same vain as Weed Eater or Bonzilla.
Like the tastiest of calzones, Albany NY power-slop band Planet Eater will leave you in a greasy coma, begging for more. Stuffed to the brim with guitar riffs as delicious as the finest mozzarella, you’ll be trying to get the stains out of your clothes for weeks. Nothing compliments that tasty mozzarella than just the right amount of creamy ricotta cheese, just like how Planet Eater’s earth shattering rhythm section gives the shredding just the boost it needs. One would think, and rightly so, that this savory combination of tasty dough and cheese would satisfy even the most finicky palate. However, just as any fine eating establishment, P.E. does not skimp on what is important to the true calzone fan; steaming hot vocals dripping with marinara soaked brutality that will leave any listener praying that their belly could never get full.
My take on them is this: very heavy, have a few drinks, hit the mosh pit and start beating the shit out of each other. They have an up in your face style and don't care what your mother thinks about them.Their music speaks in volumes and really gets your blood pumping. Oh, buy one of their shirts. They kick some ass too!


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