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Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Cavalcade

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Cavalcade.

"Cavalcade started as a three-piece instrumental band. Eventually
adding local artist Craig Horky on bass, the band practiced at the
Funeral parlor (i.e., the basement of Dan, the original drummer). This
is where Dan Finks, along with Cale Sauter (guitar/saxaphone), Brad
Van Staveren (guitar), and Craig would eventually write the music that
would make up the original recordings. The band honed a sublimely
crafted metallic noise set, heavy in expirimentation. The first
performance by this incarnation of Cavalcade was at a house party at
the Funender House on the East side of Lansing, MI in June of 2006.
The band remained actively playing shows for the rest of the year.

In January of 2007, Cavalcade added vocalist Zak Warren on the
microphone, and revamped its set substantially. Warren's black/death
metal rasp provided an ingredient that demanded more structure out of
the band's previously wide-open approach. Blending such disparate
influences as Mastodon, Party of Helicopters, Smashing Pumpkins, The
Refused, Sleep, and The Paper Chase, Cavalcade designed a palette
relying strongly on riffs, atmosphere and energy and conversely low on
conventions; a unique background to Warren's more traditional metal

In July of 2007, Cavalcade hit a snare (pun entirely intended) when
Finks opted to allow the band to search for a new drummer as he
focused on his studies in Furniture Design. The band quickly added
close friend and ex-Shoelace drummer John Bruce and proceeded to
revamp its set yet again. Cavalcade played an onslaught of shows and
continued to write more music, eventually leading to the first proper
recordings as a full band. The first song recorded with this line-up
was "Seasonal Greetings" which was recorded by Ryan "Gyuri" Tarrant
for the 2007 Bermuda Snohawk compilation, the 2nd in the series
released by Bermuda Mohawk Productions.

In February/March of 2008, Cavalcade enlisted the services of Sean
Peters (Summon, Masochist, Winds of the Black Mountains, Dark
Psychosis, Wastelander) to record its first album. The 9 song
full-length, Into Bolivian, features seperate vignettes, thematically
linked as exporations into the minds of actual schitzophrenics and
borderline personalities such as Joseph "The Pigeon Man" Zeman, Edward
"King of Coral Castle" Leedskalnin, and Mike Tyson, to name a few.

2009 they continued to tour and play shows in support of "Into
Bolivian," and saw "Quiet Men Keep Secrets" get selected to be on
Phil Anselmo's "Housecore Compilation Vol 1." And through many trials
and tribulations, they've come to 2010. They've begun recording their new
full length with Sean "Xaphan" Peters for a mid to late 2010 release.
they're looking forward to more shows in the new year, and hopefully
some more big surprises as well.."

My 2 Cents:

Cavalcade brings a unique twist to an already overcrowded genre. Where many bands tend to sound alike, Cavalcade pulls a few unique tricks out of their hat to hopefully gain the attention of those looking for something a bit bizarre. An intriguing mix of stoner/sludge combined with jazzy elements and dance beats for good measure. Not for the close-minded.

The band has granted permission to download their album "Into Bolivian" at this location.


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