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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Automatic Animal

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Automatic Animal.

Cousins Steve Ilse and Mike Anderson formed the band with Mat Fitzsimmons under the legendary name Herbert. After many releases,shows and the addition of Trevor Stuart and Brent Eichler, Automatic Animal was born. An analgam of vast influences and experiences the band will take you on ride through the organic, inner workings of the mechanized machine. The new album entitled "Modern Alchemy", Produced by Scott Reeder (Kyuss, Unida, etc.) will be out early summer 2010.

Here are some kind words about Automatic Animal:

Metro Santa Cruz - Local metal band Automatic Animal has gained a great amount of currency in the past few years carrying on the work that the members started nearly a decade back with Herbert. This is heavy, straight-ahead rockin' metal, nothing ironic or emo about it in the slightest, and is all the more compelling for that. While many are trying to make either overly clever, self-referential metal for hipsters or turning the genre into an over-processed, slick and mechanical affair, the boys in Automatic Animal embrace their hesher roots and tear into beefy, muscular rock that brings to mind both the bluesy squall of Led Zeppelin and the dusted heaviness of Kyuss. It's dirty grindhouse rawk, the kind that will make the weak-blooded blanch at Automatic Animal's full-frontal, four-on-the-floor metal. If you're looking for a damned good excuse to pound some tall cans and bang your head to some prime riffage, Automatic Animal will give you a few. - (PD)

Automatic Animal walks a fine line between underground, proggish metal and radio-friendly hard rock, shifting back and forth like a lizard on hot quicksand...Automatic Animal ride the razor's edge with their own unique take, incorporating their own blend of tasty sounds. - Kevin McHugh

These guys certainly don't waste any space here, opting to pull in riffs ready made for each song in all the small spaces...Automatic Animal has this space-aged style to them, with that hard rock turned metal barrage that never blows the doors off in terms of aggression or full force metal, but it is their execution and delivery that steals this proverbial show. This is definitely a band that owns a sound that carves a small niche quite nicely. Don't expect abrasive music here, but rather really well defined music and wise lyrics in a complete picture.- Powerslave.com

My 2 Cents:

Automatic Animal creates a masterful blend of heavy rock, complete with crunchy riffs, Wyndorf-esque vocals, and killer melodies. Check'm out!

The band has given permission to share some of their music. Here are a couple tunes for you to download and enjoy!

Captain Nightmare


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