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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Skraeckoedlan

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Skraeckoedlan.

"The band Skraeckoedlan (translates into The Dinosaur or The Horror Lizard) from Norrköping Sweden, got together and started playing music in the late spring of 2009.

It was decided that the band was to play groovy, heavy music with lyrics in swedish.

In september of 2009 the band went to Örebro in Sweden to record their first EP, "Flykten från Tellus" (The Escape from Earth), in Bombshelter Studios with Oskar Cedermalm of Swedish band Truckfigthers as producer/technician.

The result was a 5 track EP with an abstract concept concerning the enviromental issues we face here on planet Earth, with the temperatures rising and the polar ices melting, forests beeing cut down and urban civilization spreading out.

In the EP the rising temperatures leads to a big horror lizard being thawed from one of the polar ice caps. The lizard begins to demolish the entire human civilization."

Here's a surprise, another freakin' awesome Stoner Rock band from Sweden. Following in the footsteps of fellow Swedish bands such as Dozer, Truckfighters, Abramis Brama, etc. the band has managed to create a masterful blend of groove heavy psychedelic Stoner Rock. Nothing utterly unique here people, just straight to your face rock and fuckin' roll. Can you dig it?

"they sing in their native tongue and rock like a trio of northern woodsmen from outer space, heroes in the epic quest to best the beast. Christ, between Dungen and Skraeckoedlan, I am starting to get spoiled on foreign language rock, and why not? In this particular case, we’re treated to what sounds like medieval, alien dopespeak urging on the psychedelic juggernaut of heavy fuzz that rolls over you like a cosmic tempest."
- http://www.brokenbeard.com/



  1. Skraeckoedlan would totally be out on Man's Ruin Records 10 years ago. This is raw, rock n' roll done with tons of groove. It's very a nice bastardization of early Kyuss and late 80's LA sleaze rock.

  2. Wonder what would happen if they
    Started smoking pot? -quit playing protorock?
    The band deserves à decent singer!


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