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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Wynken Delirium

The "New Band To Burn One To" is Wynken Delirium.

How do you soak South East Asian culture and tradition into heavy, sludgy, and groovy music? Wynken Delirium from Johor Bahru, Malaysia is twisting necks in conducting the experiments. Arming Semar with electric guitar has never been this serious. Taking its cue from the unceremonious break-up of metal band Gobling in 2005, Wynken Delirium has since established itself by adding Javanese/Sundanese/Balinese influences, odd tempo/beat counts, and unusual arrangements on top of its grunge/doom/metal music foundation. The resulting combination is summarized by the band’s two lowly tuned guitars and bass guitar, frequent switches between growls, clean notes, and high-pitched shrieks in the vocal department, full drumming, and interspersion of traditional instruments such as Javanese/Balinese/Sundanese gamelan and Minangkabau’s cak lempong. The band has been labeled as everything from grungecore, progressive/hard rock, metal, stoner rock, to ethnic metal. Call it what you want, the band maintains its deep respect of Indonesian, Malaysian, Bruneian, Filipino, Thai, and Cambodian musical heritage, while at the same time acknowledging the western roots of noisy, sludgy, and hard-hitting music.

The above bio pretty much says it all. If you are into trying something a little different, then give Wynken Delirium a listen. You will be pleasantly surprised, I promise!


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