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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Help! I'm An Onion

Don't let the funny name fool you, these guys come to raaawwwk! Help! I'm An Onion come from Sweden and throw at you a very cool Psychedelic-Stoner Rock vibe. The band has a few tracks posted on their MySpace page and is currently working on their first full-length. Pretty cool stuff, check'em out!


  1. wow. fucking amazing band..
    "I hear them whisper behind my back about my believes and why I don't go to church...
    but I won't be blinded by all their garbage...
    if we are sinners.... leave the decision to our conscience..." wow, all I got to say!

  2. Yea, i ve just listend to that song on their myspace. Fuckin awesome.


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