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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Band To Burn One To-Carbellion

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Carbellion from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Carbellion was founded in late 2004 based on the idea that a band with soulful eclectic vocals, guitars that are equally comfortable being aggressive and subdued, drums shifting from tranquil to thundering, and a bass that conjoins them into complete balance can do more with the sum of these parts than by the strength of any one. Lyrics that convey an idea or tell a story along to music that sets scenery and mood has in a very short time gotten Carbellion the notice of people across the country and stretching into Europe. Carbellion has toured with the likes of Motorhead, COC, YOB, Valient Thorr, Fu Manchu, Zeke, Lamont, Trephine, Clutch, Earthride, Dixie Witch,etc.

Carbellion's sound can be described as a good sized spoonful of heavy rock with a twist of classic rock throwback and dash of grunge.

Carbellion is excited to release their sophomore full length album titled “the Horse” via a joint effort between Union 414 Records and Indie 500 Records in the US and Dead Tree Music in Europe on November 17th, 2009. This album feature 10 new tracks as well as two covers (Bob Seger’s “Fire Down Below” and Richard Saslow’s “Ragpickin”) that showcase the band’s growth musically. Chris Wisco ( Soil, November’s Doom, etc) once again engineered via Belle City Sound in ....Racine.. ..Wisconsin.... having previously worked the mixes for Carbellion’s “Villains” album. “The Horse” features an added sonic bonus courtesy of mastering by Goran Finnburg (At the Gates, the Haunted, In Flames) in ....Sweden.....

The tracks vary in scope from the album’s opener Top Alcohol, a bar room rock n’ roll scorcher about drag racing, to the album’s live acoustic track Tired Wicked World which features Steve Richgruber (Carbellion-bass) and Jamie Damrow (Carbellion-drums) on rhythm/lead guitar. Other highlights include the label’s first single release The Might of I Might, a hook laden rock number about having the strength or lack there of to take a stand in a relationship, and Locking Horns, a blues based story about a bar fight with the devil. Carbellion’s version of Bob Seger’s Fire Down Below as well as the other songs on “the Horse” leave the listener with a satisfaction in knowing that guitar driven hard rock is alive and well in today’s music landscape."

Indie500 Records
Dead Tree Music

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