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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-Oak Is Keeping

The "New Band To Burn One To" today is Oak Is Keeping from Austin, Texas.

(Photo: David Smith / Design: Shay Isdale)


Oak is Keeping is the outcome of mixing heavy, guttural guitars with astral harmonies and brash lyrical content, about everything from love to the human condition. This mixture produces a rock and roll sound that has been compared to the likes of other Texas rock establishments, Toadies, …Trail of Dead and The Sword. Oak is Keeping have been playing around Texas and its surrounding states for over a year while Shay, Mastin, Zac and Adam wrote and recorded songs for their 2009 album, Animal Style! The band’s debut album is full of double guitar attacks, driving beats, haunting melodies and powerful bass lines.

OiK has been featured on Local Licks on 93.7 KLBJ-FM, appeared on the 101X morning show w/ Jason & Deb, been the featured artist of Austin INsite Magazine and the subject of many blogs and reviews. This is what people are saying about Oak is Keeping....

"This is retro pop-rock bliss....."
"Wild composition w/some hellacious playing--neat vocals, lyrics...You do your own thing and you do it very well. Awesome!"

"Oak is Keeping is like Cream conducting the marriage between Spoon and Queens of the Stone Age."
-Michal Durham (The Daily Texan)

"One local band, Oak is Keeping, is carrying the torch for what some would now call radio rock. Their mix of modern rock hallmarks along with classic rock and blues influences sounds fresh and would be at home on stations such as 101X and KLBJ."
-Ana Wolken (INsite Magazine)

"I love this, its what you can call heavy. The double guitar attack is great!"
-Loris Lowe (KLBJ-FM / Local Licks)

"Animal Style" (2009) is Oak is Keeping's first full length album. It features updated versions of some songs from the old EPs, as well as plenty of new tracks. The record is full of guitar riffs, explosive drums, fat bass lines, harmonies, and everything that is great about good rock & roll.

Buy "Animal Style" now!



Oak Is Keeping have been selected as a top 10 band (from thousands of entires) to be in Airwalks Unsigned Band contest. The winner gets a chance to play the Spin Magazine stage during South By Southwest, $5k and a bunch of other sweet things.
Last years winners were on MTV!

Its really easy and fast to vote, just go to the link below, click the vote button, put in your email address and hit submit. That's it, take 5 seconds. And you can vote every day. Save the link under your favorites and vote for Oak is Keeping, help us win this thing!!!


Listen @ Last.fm
Official Website

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