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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Southern Lord Artists Dominate New Jim Jarmusch Movie Soundtrack

Southern Lord is proud to announce that three of the label`s artists will be represented in acclaimed film director Jim Jarmusch’s latest tour de force, The Limits Of Control. The film’s soundtrack features music by EARTH, SUNN 0))), and BORIS, all representatives of Southern Lord Recordings.

Responsible for such films as Down By Law, Dead Man, Ghost Dog, Broken Flowers, and Coffee and Cigarettes, Jarmusch is notorious for tying music to his films, previously casting musicians such TOM WAITS, RZA and more as characters. Jarmusch`s films are scored to fit hand-in-glove with the transitions/conflicts within the plot, the songs acting as an actual “soundtrack” to help propel his unique, minimalist character-driven productions, as seen in previous Jarmusch works include NEIL YOUNG’s soundtrack for the movie Dead Man, or with the inclusion of doom-artists SLEEP in the movie Broken Flowers.

Southern Lord is honored to house artists worthy of Jarmusch’s newest work, The Limits Of Control. These acts are contemporary musical heavyweights in today’s doom, drone and ambient genres, and should act as an incredible soundtrack for this artistic drama.

Southern Lord artist songs used in The Limits Of Control:

BORIS - " " aka “Smile” (from the Japanese version of Smile, on Disk Union Records)
BORIS - "Feedbacker I & IV" (from Feedbacker, on Disk Union Records)
BORIS -"Fuzzy Reactor" (from Rainbow, on Disk Union Records)
BORIS -"Farewell" (From Pink, on Southern Lord)
SUNN 0)))/BORIS - "N.L.T." (From Altar, on Southern Lord)
SUNN 0)))/BORIS - "Blood Swamp" (From Altar, on Southern Lord)
EARTH - “Omens and Portents 1: The Driver” (from The Bees Made Honey In The Lions` Skull, on Southern Lord)

About the movie, The Limits Of Control

The new movie from filmmaker Jim Jarmusch (Broken Flowers, Down by Law, Dead Man) is set in the striking and varied landscapes of contemporary Spain. The location shoot there united the writer/director with acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle (In the Mood for Love, Paranoid Park). Isaach De Bankole stars in the lead role for Mr. Jarmusch; this marks the duo`s fourth collaboration over nearly two decades, following Night on Earth, Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai, and Coffee and Cigarettes. The film also features several other actors with whom Mr. Jarmusch has previously worked, including Alex Descas, John Hurt, Youki Kudoh, Bill Murray, and Tilda Swinton; and actors new to his films, including Hiam Abbass, Gael García Bernal, Paz De La Huerta, Jean-François Stevenín, and Luis Tosar. The Limits Of Control is the story of a mysterious loner (played by Mr. De Bankole), a stranger, whose activities remain meticulously outside the law. He is in the process of completing a job, yet he trusts no one, and his objectives are not initially divulged. His journey, paradoxically both intently focused and dreamlike, takes him not only across Spain but also through his own consciousness.

The Limits Of Control is out in theaters, June 3, 2009.

The Limits Of Control movie trailer

The Limits Of Control Soundtrack will be available on Lakeshore Records


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