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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Clayton Mills Leaves Dixie Witch

From Clayton Mills of DIXIE WITCH:

After ten years as the founding guitarist of DIXIE WITCH, I am leaving the band to concentrate on family for awhile. I know that there have been some word of mouth rumors circulating so I just want to set the record straight. My wife and I are having a child this summer and I`m going to stay at home and take care of business there for the time being. The band will continue to play shows and tour with a new guitarist and we`ll just have to play it by ear as to my involvement with DIXIE WITCH in the future. By no means am I getting out of music or quitting playing guitar for good or any bullshit like that. Y`all will be hearing from me and my Les Paul again! Its been a great decade of playing music with the WITCH, we`ve been all over and played nearly 1,000 live shows since 2000 and I`m very grateful for the experience and career I`ve had with the band.

I`d really like to thank all of those who have supported us over the years! The list of names could go on and on forever so I`d just like to say thanks to all the fans who have come out to the shows and bought our CDs and merch, all the bands we`ve shared the stage with, all the family we`ve made on the road (especially those who have opened their homes to us), all the bartenders for the extended hospitality and all the clubs and venues who have let us rock their stages. I`d like to say an extra special thanks to Tone Deaf Touring (Erik, Troy, and Greg), webmaster Jeff Downing, Scott and Small Stone Records, John Perez and Brainticket Records, Mauro and Arclight Records, Erik Larson and ATP, Jeff Pinkus and HONKY, THE SUPLECS, Joel Hamilton, Klaus at the Vibra Agency in Europe, Greg Barrett from Emissions from the Monolith, Walter and the Roadburn festival, the Room 710, Emo`s Austin - and of course to Trinidad and CC for being the incredible musicians that they are! It`s been quite the ride! We have two more shows coming up in Texas with our good ol` friends HONKY - April 10 at the Continental Club in Houston and April 11 at Room 710 in Austin.

- Clayton

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