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Monday, April 13, 2009

Album Of The Week-Elder-"Self-Titled" (2009)

The Album of the Week comes from Massachusetts psychedelic doomsters, Elder.


"This is the first official full-length release from Boston's Elder and it's heavy-duty monster for sure. My initial response that it reminds me a lot of Sleep's Holy Mountain. Perhaps it's more like an album that would have followed had Sleep became heavier and gone a more progressive route. I dare say that Elder have a greater knack for subtlety than Sleep and they be a little less self-aware as well. From the opening notes of "White Walls" I could feel myself being sucked in by the thick, dark sludge being created. They take a basic approach to their music, but that works wonders as they just dip down low and start hammering out the skull-crunching rhythms. Each track just seems to get better as Elder summon up slabs of Sabbath style doom and when needed they call forth some fuzzed out type grooves reminiscent of early Electric Wizard. Yes, indeed this album is a virtual doom paradise that grabs you roughly and drags you ever so slowly down a dark and winding path. Each song has it's own personality and the band seem to gain momentum as they move along. The riffs are mainly slow and deliberate, but you can feel parts multiplying as they move along and become more and more comfortable with what they are constructing. Everything is very deliberate, but they have a strong grasp on how to create and manipulate these massive grooves. This year hasn't had as many good doom albums as I was hoping for, but the Elder's self-titled release does a lot to fill that gap." (Live4Metal.com)


"My first experience with the youthful, Massachusetts doom crew Elder was their recent split with Queen Elephantine. That was a masterpiece of a split album and Elder blew me away with their soulful, sludge/doom that was packed to the brim with killer riffs and psychedelic tendencies. This S/T is the band's first official full-length and they are currently looking for a label to put it out. All I can say to those that run labels is this; what the hell are you waiting for?!

This 5 track, 40+ minute monster is a huge achievement of thunderous, bluesy rumble that gambles with just the right amount of space-rock and metallic plunder to ensure the listener a record where literally every riff matters. You have got to hear these riffs! I'm talking grooves that make mountains seem tiny by comparison in that classic Sabbath, Sleep and Soulpreacher kind of boogie style. Throw in a bit of Electric Wizard for sheer weight and Bongzilla for that smoked-out atmosphere while you are at it and you've got yourself the recipe for crushing heaviness that breathes fire and molten lava with every exhale..." (HellRideMusic) Read more...

Track Listing:

01. White Walls
02. Hexe
03. Riddle of Steel Pt. 1
04. Ghost Head
05. Riddle of Steel Pt. 2


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  1. Yea, i have this one, makes me smile all the way thru...great album. This is what we all want in the end - proper stoner metal made by someone that is not 40 years old :)


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