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Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-The Crimson Electric

Today's "New Band To Burn One To", The Crimson Electric, hails from Virginia Beach, VA. They offer up a tasty slab of down and dirty Stoner Rock featuring blistering guitar riffs, driving drum beats and awesome vocals. This is what I live for. Great job guys!

Photo Credit: Andi Grant


"THE CRIMSON ELECTRIC based in Virginia Beach, VA., bring us their first Demo. The 6 songs are a great statement in fast forward driving Stoner Rock. And that is no surprise, because the band features members of the legendary MUGWART, JESUIT and THE END OF THE UNIVERSE. The opener SOUTHBOUND TOLL was lead by a great guitar riff and a driving drum beat! And the vocals are full of power, but with a really great voice! It reminds me sometimes on a mix of the mighty SUNNSHINE and the new IRONWEED. The following song called UNDERHANDED starts with a pure Doom Metal riff and turns into a groovy monster. SIX FEET OF BAD INTENTION is a classic Stoner Rock song ala Dozer and Sixty Watt Shaman and MOLTEN STALLION is a small hit. FOR A PRICE is the longest track and one of the highlights. A psychedelic guitar sound starts that song and it turns into a slow Doom Rock waltz. Again the vocals bring that song a lot of emotion. Last song THE SCENT is slow again and the guitar riff is awesome! Some for the headbangers! All in all a good Stoner Rock Demo and I think this band fits perfect to a label like Small Stone Records. I really like, that this songs remind me a little bit to the best time in Stoner Rock, around 2000. Like bands as Sixty Watt Shaman, Sunnshine, Dozer, Awesome Machine and Lowrider led the scene.




"Anytime a band tosses me a bio sheet that states “ex-members of Mugwart” and “recorded by Vince Burke” within its confines, I’m gonna cut straight to the chase and commence with the listening. Mugwart’s brand of dirty, Deep South extreme sludge gruel still gets regular plays in my camp. They were filthy, sloppy and groovy as hell bringing back fond memories of classics such as Buzzov*en and Cavity with a twist that was completely their own.

Though riffmaster Will Sprague and low-end proprietor Dan Luper return from that classic outfit, The Crimson Electric approaches their shitkicker blues with a much different mindset. Sure Sprague is still casting out sprawling grooves at the drop of the hat. Hell, you could tell me that some of these riffs could have been for an upcoming Mugwart full-length and I would have believed you hook, line and sinker but for the most part TCE handles their business on their own terms. Read more... (Jay Snyder, Hellride Music)

This is one of the best demos that I have heard in some time. Go to the band's MySpace page and offer up your support.

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