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Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Band To Burn One To-Mongoloid Village

Check out this very cool band from Portland, Oregon. They are garnering some pretty good reviews for their self-titled debut EP out now.


"Portland's Mongoloid Village gets that only-frosty-on-the-outside-and-prolly-a-little-high vibe down perfectly on its excellent debut EP. While there's all manner of riff grooviness thundering down throughout these five tracks like a particularly unforgiving winter (check the rhythmic crosswinds of "Shittown, U.S.A.," which careens between primo biker metal, loaded psych jams and proggified Toolisms), there's just as much spectral stargazing as there is aggro metal. Mongoloid Village doesn't quite reach Torche levels of life affirmation, but I get the sense that the band isn't nearly all as mean-spirited as its lyrics would suggest. Especially at the end of "Crib Death #3," during which a person as trashed as I wish I was right now could surely apprehend god." (Read more...)

"Be not misled by the oddball band name, because the debut (I think?) five-song EP from Portland, OR's Mongoloid Village cranks out 23 minutes of some of the best sludgy, rocked out metal (or whatever the hell you'd like to call it) I've heard in quite some time now. From the uniqueness of the vocals to the unexpectedly memorable songwriting: Complete with atypically delivered "stoner rock" riffs (I'll always hate the term, but it kinda works); slow, pounding rhythms with roving basslines; and spacey layers of noisily droning textures with various melodic sensibilities that I'm sure many would tag "post-rock" - though in reality it's all far, far stronger and more interesting than all of that obnoxiously trendy bullshit. Plus, it's all bundled up in a great recording with just the right amount of gritty texture and a perfectly warm, cohesive mix. To be honest with you I didn't really expect to have this reaction, but I'm already eagerly looking forward to hearing more from these cats, so I hope the wait's not too long." (Aversionline.com)


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