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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Veteran Hartford, Connecticut rockers CABLE have inked a deal with The End Records. The band is set to enter Studio G in Brooklyn, New York in March to begin recording a new full-length album with Joel Hamilton (UNSANE, TOM WAITS, BOOK OF KNOTS). The as-yet-untitled record is creeping over the 40-minute mark — a milestone for CABLE — and the artwork will be hand-drawn by Aaron Horkey (PELICAN, MOGWAI). "This is the most intensive album we have ever done," says drummer Vic Szalaj. "We have been writing it for almost a year, which is the most work and dedication we have ever put forth for a record and, it may sound cliché, but personally we all feel it is the strongest CABLE material to date. We are confident that Joel will help us rise above our previous work and make this THE FUCKING CABLE ALBUM!"

Why CABLE is not a household name — at least in households familiar with UNSANE and QUICKSAND — is a mystery that may never be solved. The veteran noisy rockers worked the scene for a dozen years, releasing records on labels such as Hydra Head, Translation Loss, Doghouse and touring alongside bands like ISIS and 5IVE, before calling it quits in 2006.

"So many bands were blowing up playing music that was similar to ours but we always seemed to stay in the same rut. It was mostly our own fault, really, but we also felt that it was at least partly because we never compromised our vision to suit a new ‘hot sound' or played what was big at the time," explains Vic Szalaj. "We came to refine that 'CABLE sound,' as many called it, but it never seemed to get us anywhere and I guess we felt jaded, abused and tired of the same old shit and we just stopped playing."

A band as tenacious and as CABLE doesn't just disappear in a flash, though. "After over a year off, we were getting anxious to play again," says Szalaj. "We have such cool, enthusiastic family, friends and fans that gave us the energy we needed to get going again, so in early 2008 we began writing new material."

Family and friends may have been one catalyst in the renuion, but the band certainly has their own personal motives as well. "We just NEED to do this band to keep ourselves straight, sort of like a junkie needs his shit to stay straight," explains Szalaj. "Same idea, different drug."

With founding guitarist Bernie Romanowski, who had left the band in 2004, again at their side, Szalaj — along with vocalist/bassist Randy Larsen, guitarist Chris Fischkelta, and vocalist Pete Farris — hit the road in 2008 for two brief "Three Nights Of Noise" runs. "We had an absolute blast. Seeing so many old faces in every city and along with so many new young ones — some even who were probably in kindergarten when we released our first demo — was a phenomenal experience. 'This is why we did this in the first place,' we thought. Everything was coming full circle."


Vic Szalaj - drums
Randy Larsen - bass, vocals
Chris Fischkelta - guitar
Bernie Romanowski - guitar
Pete Farris - vocals

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/cablerock.

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