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Monday, January 19, 2009

Album Of The Week-Serpentcult-"Weight Of Light" (2009)

The Album Of The Week is "Weight Of Light" by Serpentcult.


"SERPENTCULT are a doom metal band hailing from Gent, Belgium and although “Weight Of Light” is their first full length album after their first EP “Trident Nor Fire”, these guys seem to be experienced or inspired, or both... About the experience aspect, I should mention that three out of four members happened to be members of another doom metal band of the past Thee Plague Of Gentlemen. Regarding the forth, it is considered to be the surprise of this band! It's the female vocalist Michelle Nocon! Oh yes... Females can perform as well as men in a doom metal project! I must admit I was uneasy about it at first, but all my fears were stilled after the first listen! Maybe you'll think they have lightened the music in order to fit with the female vox, but NO! Every rhythm, every melody, every note can't be anything else than doomish... Beginning from the bass lines, which are the definition of doom technique, slow and powerful they are the foothold of the entire composition! Every riff and verse is based on these amazing bass lines! The dominant sound of “Weight Of Light” is the harsh and aggressive combination of guitars and bass. And here comes the voice of Michelle, which gives the songs proper musical sound. Her voice isn't something unreal... It's just a melodic voice fitting very nice to the style of the band, and additionally tends to make it really fresh and inspired, although SERPENTCULT in general seems to follow faithfully the path that Black Sabbath, Cathedral, Electric Wizard and Celtic Frost have engraved during the decades...
“Weight Of Light” is a must-have for every die-hard fan of doom metal scene, and that's only because it's fresh and the band is promising a better or different future..." (Maria Giannakaki, Metal Invader)


"They might have one of the most ridiculously stereotypical heavy metal band names this side of Skeletonwitch, but the music on SerpentCult’s debut full-length, Weight of Light, is anything but ordinary. Rising from the ashes of the tragic downfall of Thee Plague of Gentlemen, SerpentCult delivers a fresh take on doom metal, thanks to the addition of singer Michelle Nocon. Nocon’s soaring, operatic vocals provide a striking contrast to SerpentCult’s crushing, down-tuned guitar work.

But Nocon is not the only thing saving SerpentCult from doom metal mediocrity. Unlike many of their counterparts, SerpentCult refuses to stay mired in the sludge for too long. They’re still a doom metal band first and foremost, but they’re not afraid to pick up the pace and crank out some thrash-worthy riffs.

They come storming out of the gate with the album opening “New World Order,” which sounds like it could’ve come right off of Celtic Frost’s Monotheist (Not surprisingly, Frost is one of the band’s stated influences). Things don’t even get genuinely doomy until the second track, “Screams From the Deep.” SerpentCult keeps the doom flowing for a few more tracks, but picks up the pace again on “Red Dawn.” The closer, “SerpentCult,” is a mish-mash of all that has come before, with half-time riffs giving way to double-bass drumming, all held together by Nocon’s medieval wails. With Weight of Light, SerpentCult has created an album that should please die-hard doom metal fans while transcending many of the genre’s pitfalls." (Mike R. Meyer, StonerRock.com)

Track Listing:

01. New world Order
02. Screams From The Deep
03. Weight of Light
04. Awaken The Kraken
05. Arkanum Red Dawn
06. Templar SerpentCult


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