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Monday, December 8, 2008

Mountain Mirrors Releases All Three CDs at Jamendo for Free Download Under Creative Commons License

Fairhaven, MA, (December 7, 2008) – Mountain Mirrors founder Jeff Sanders has just announced that all three of the Mountain Mirrors LP’s (Dreadnought, Lunar Ecstasy and the self – titled Mountain Mirrors) are now available for free download at Jamendo.Com, an influential international platform for downloading free and legal music. Speaking about this new offering Sanders states "Jamendo is awesome. It's got a great vibe... for an independent artist with almost no radio airplay or live shows, Creative Commons is crucial. And Jamendo makes it easy for people to download (and share) music with a clear conscience."

Mountain Mirrors started in 2003. Their self-proclaimed "Heavy Acoustic" genre blends the progressive psych-rock sounds of Porcupine Tree or Damnation-era Opeth with Dylen-esque folk lyrics and psychedelic vibes.

The Ripple Effect writes of Mountain Mirrors, "Imagine if you will, walking through a forest that's enshrouded in dense fog. Visibility is only a few hundred feet in any direction. Moisture glistening off of the surrounding foliage as your breath bellows from your mouth in a cloud of steam. The crunch of leaves and decay under every footstep being the only sound to accompany the animal-like howl of the wind. Kinda' creepy out here all alone, huh? That's the power of Mountain Mirrors self titled album."

Download links:

http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/32408 - Dreadnought (2008)


http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/32399 - Self-Titled (2006 - recommended for first-time listeners)


http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/32539 - Lunar Ecstasy (2004)


What a beautiful record to listen to! I absolutely loved Jeff's "Voices" but in my opinion "Lunar Ecstasy" is pure ambient/psychedelic bliss. Mountain Mirrors, which is the solo project of outstanding musician Jeff Sanders, takes all things ambient and psychedelic and adds in electronica and some pretty, yet exceptionally heavy riffage to create this album of serenity gone a little mad. Things are so beautiful in this world of lunar ecstasy that Jeff has created. There is so much to get out of this album. Deep-seated in mid-sixties hippy psychedelica (which brings to mind while listening visions of flowers and peace and all things good) and extending to the epic song writing talents of 70's era Led Zeppelin and even adding in the strangeness of the electronic beats of bands like Mouse on Mars. That's quite the feat, and Jeff has accomplished this with finesse. Even bringing in elements of Pink Floyd and speaking to us in the language of a shaman, full of wisdom and truth and the search for truth. Mountain Mirror's "Lunar Ecstasy" is a brilliant piece of work. Fit for poets and travelers and seekers and those just wanting something sweet and sad, yet beautiful to listen to. I love this album. Lunar Ecstasy is amazing.(StonerRockChick)

THIS IS A GREAT LISTEN! From the Beck - like Lunar Ecstasy to the hauntingly beautiful instrumental Apparition to the accoustic track Where the Green Meets the Blue to another hauntingly beautiful instrumental called Afterlife, complete with breathtaking orchestration. The psychedelic Last Resort and the song about the Viet Nam war, Agent Orange. I did not go over every song on Lunar Ecstasy, just the very best!(in my mind)But believe me, every song is an excellent listen! Jeff has really come into his own with Lunar Ecstasy. I am a big fan of the s/t first cd, but Lunar Ecstasy is mind blowing! (Darryl Baysinger, HellrideMusic.com)

Buy Lunar Ecstasy at CDBaby

Mountain Mirrors as described by founder Jeff Sanders is “Heavy acoustic music from the wood of Massachusetts”. Musical influences range from Led Zeppelin to Opeth to Portishead as well as unexplained phenomena like Karma, ghosts and the afterlife.

Musicians: Jeff Sanders with various guests - including drummers Peter Yttergren, Peter Generous, Magnus Brandell and Elad Fish, multi-instrumentalist Per Ulfhielm, bassists Phil Rohr and Guy Bartor, cellist Claire Fitch, keyboard master Oren Selas, and pianist Simon "Watto" Watson. They currently have three LP’s.

Jamendo.com is the world’s # 1 platform for free and legal music downloads. Available in six languages it offers the largest catalog of music underneath Creative Common Licenses. For artists it is an easy and efficient way to publish, share and promote their music, through revenue sharing and commercial partnerships
. For more information visit www.Jamendo.com

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