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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Saint Vitus to Headline Friday Roadburn Festival

Legendary US doom metal pioneers Saint Vitus have been confirmed as the headliner for Friday`s April 24 date at the 2009 Roadburn Festival. The 14th annual Roadburn Festival will take place April 23-26, 2009 and will be held at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

David Chandler comments: “We are extremely happy that were invited to Roadburn and we are excited to play. Those of you that saw us on the original reunion tour in 2003 are going to be extremely surprised at our set list. We are pulling stuff out of the hat that we haven’t played in a long long time. So I suggest that you all get up front and prepare for your DOOM!”

Saint Vitus is known as one of the very first doom metal bands, starting out in the late 1970`s, and have released many classic albums over the ensuing decades. Although Saint Vitus has been on hold for several years now, they will be reforming as the classic Born Too Late line-up (Dave Chandler, Scott "Wino" Weinrich, Mark Adams, Armando Acosta) headlining Friday night at Roadburn 2009.

Over the last two decades, Saint Vitus has become revered as one of the main architects of the modern doom scene, encompassing all that doom metal is all about: emotion, melody and epic songs stacked with enough behemoth riffs to light a week long bonfire. Every note the band has ever put to tape is a benchmark by which all other doom records have been judged. Saint Vitus` classic phrase “Born Too Late” has become the war cry for generations of doom-aficionados.

Wino comments: "We will be playing a lot of everybody’s favorite stuff. Also, my project band Wino will be playing as well, playing tracks from my solo record, Punctuated Equilibrium, and some surprises too!" Wino`s solo band is set for Roadburn 2009`s additional Afterburner event, scheduled for Sunday, April 26, alongside Solace, Dyse, and Bill Steer`s Firebird, amongst others.

In other developments, Roadburn is also pleased to report that UK doom legends Cathedral will play the Friday Roadburn date. Purveyors of psychedelic doom since 1991, Cathedral have been amazing audiences with impassioned live performances thanks to the monstrous grooves and monolithic riffs from tracks like "Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)" and "Utopian Blaster."

Also scheduled to appear on the Friday are both Scott Kelly & Steve Von Till from Neurosis, Mono (Japan), Bohren und der Club of Gore, Negura Bunget, Dragontears, The Winchester Club, Omega Massif, Colour Haze, and The Outskirts of Infinity, amongst others.

Roadburn is also pleased to report that Amon Düül II, one of the most influential bands in the canon of Kosmische Musik pioneers has been confirmed for the Thurday Roadburn Festival date, Thursday, April 23, alongside Motorpsycho.

Pre sales will start, Saturday, December 13. Tickets for the main festival (including Neurosis` Beyond The Pale event at Roadburn 2009) will be priced from €99 with no campsite accommodation. More info about ticket sales and complete line up will follow shortly.

For more info, please check www.roadburn.com, www.myspace.com/roadburnfestival, and www.myspace.com/stvitus.

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