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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Profound Lore Records News

From Profound Lore Records:

01. Hammers of Misfortune - New Albums out Now Exclusively
The new exquisite albums from the aristocratic metal contingent Hammers of Misfortune are now available solely through the Profound Lore website. Beautifully packaged together as one, for the price of one (CD), the CD version of Fields and Church Of Broken Glass (vinyl to be handled by our friends 20 Buck Spin in about a month`s time) is an artful presentation that reflects the true elite metal artistry that Hammers Of Misfortune are known to deliver with each release.

02. The Gates of Slumber - Conquest of Poverty Tour
Also just announced, The Gates of Slumber will be going on a month long US tour in support of the epic Conqueror release (and following the success of their “Trapped In the Web” video, a video in which people are finally giving props to MTV for actually playing true metal for once) with comrades Demiricous on what is being dubbed as the Conquest of Poverty Tour. Sponsored by Metal Maniacs, the trio will be hitting up pretty much the major markets within the US on this pillage in the name of Crom through the mire of a crippled economy. So support true metal. The routing goes as follows:

11/9/08: Denver, CO - Funhouse
11/10/08: Boise, ID - The Gusto Bar, with Cast Into Eternity (ex-Arsis)
11/11/08: Portland, OR - Satyricon
11/12/08: Seattle WA - Studio Seven
11/14/08: Oakland, CA - The Metro, with The Faceless, Decrepit Birth
11/15/08: Bakersfield, CA - Jerry`s Pizza
11/16/08: Los Angeles, CA - Black Castle
11/17/08: Tempe, AZ - Big Fish Pub
11/18/08: Albuquerque, NM - Launchpad
11/19/08: Abilene, TX - Midnight Rodeo
11/20/08: San Antonio, TX - White Rabbit, with Anal Cunt
11/21/08: Austin, TX - Red 7, with Anal Cunt
11/22/08: Dallas, TX - Reno`s Chop Shop, with Anal Cunt
11/23/08: Corpus Christi, TX - The Compound, with Anal Cunt, Dr Acula, Dance Club Massacre
11/24/08: New Orleans, LA - Dragon`s Den
11/25/08: Tallahassee, FL - The Engine Room
11/26/08: Tampa, FL - Brass Mug
11/28/08: Gainesville, FL - The Atlantic
11/29/08: Spartanburg, SC - Ground Zero
11/30/08: Baltimore, MD - Talking Head, with Fierce Allegiance, Strong Intention
12/1/08: New York, NY - Lit Lounge - "Precious Metal Mondays", with Krallice
12/2/08: Rochester, NY - Bug Jar
12/3/08: Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop, with Midnight, Argus
12/4/08: Columbus, OH - Ravari Room
12/5/08: Chicago, IL - The Metal Shaker
12/6/08: Indianapolis, IN - Emerson Theater

03. YOB - Signs With Profound Lore
And speaking of more doom, as already revealed, a major addition to the Profound roster is none other than the newly resurrected doom metal legends YOB.

From the trials and ordeals that had befallen Mike Scheidt (with lawsuits regarding a specific former band name), to resurrect the beast known as YOB was the only natural thing to do. It`s been no secret that YOB is once again active, and in turn, Profound Lore will indeed be releasing the next YOB full length album. Over the years, Eugene, Oregon`s YOB has amassed a reputation within doom metal as one of the mightiest, unique and most respected doom metal acts of our time. With experience on bigger labels such as Candlelight and Metal Blade by releasing some of the most crushing and downright gargantuan-like doom to ever seethe from the cracks of the earth, YOB is currently preparing their long awaited awake from the slumber by writing new material that, according to Scheidt, will be the heaviest and most-epic (and naturally best) YOB material to date.

As the stress of the lawsuit regarding Scheidt`s former band was coming to its untimely end, at the same time as Scheidt was meddling around with ideas for some new music (that was even going to go under a different moniker at first). He then came in contact with drummer Travis Foster and when both decided to start jamming again, the decision was cordially made to bring YOB back to life.

Now joined by new bass player Aaron Reiseberg, YOB is currently in writing mode for its monolithic comeback release, to be released sometime in the first half of 2009.

Nonetheless a heads up for those wondering about the next step in the YOB legacy, the band now joining the doom-ridden ranks of Profound Lore alongside such like-minded doom acts as Asunder, Atavist, The Gates of Slumber, Nadja, and Loss.

04. Loss Signs with Profound Lore
Yes, the doom never ends. Also seen as one of the mightiest and most despondent doom metal bands in existence, Nashville, Tennessee`s Loss has forged a collaboration with Profound Lore as well. The band is currently putting the finishing touches to its highly anticipated debut full length (entitled Despond, which will feature artwork from the great David D`Andrea) with plans on entering the studio this December to commit what will most likely be one of the most monumental funeral death/doom releases of our time and will clearly be the best Loss material presented to date. The band already has quite a reputation within doom metal, from the various splits and EPs they have been a part of. But the statement will be solidified nonetheless with Despond, which will be a depiction of Loss at the height of their powers.

05. Altar of Plagues Update

Speaking of debuts, Ireland`s Altar of Plagues, one of the most promising prospects within avant-garde epic black metal are currently in the mixing process of their debut full-length. Already gaining a reputation by participating in a UK tour with Mayhem and Wolves in the Throne Room, and from their highly praised self-released Sol EP, it is clear that Altar of Plagues, along with Primordial, is going to be Ireland`s most prominent extreme metal act once the debut full length is released.

06. Amber Asylum Update
Bay Area legends Amber Asylum is also putting the finishing touches on its follow-up to Still Point. With a new line-up assembled by Kris Force (which also features Saros singer/guitarist Leila Rauf, as well as featuring members from The Bastard Noise and now featuring the cello services of Julia Kent of Antony and the Johnsons and longtime cellist Jackie-Perez Gratz of Grayceon/Giant Squid), look for a new Amber Asylum album to surface sometime early Spring. We`ve already heard some assembled new material, and to say it sounds mesmerizing would be a severe understatement.

For more info please go to www.profoundlorerecords.com.

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