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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Band To Burn One To-Scant Mirror


SCANT MIRROR was formed in August 2003 in Jaroslaw, Poland Marcin Dudek (v,g) , K.Nowowiejski (b), W.Pysz (d).

In December 2004 in MOK, Jaroslaw the band recorded its first demo consisted of 9 tracks composed in the very early period.

In 2005 the band mainly worked on new material and played several concerts.
In March 2006 the band recorded its second demo, this time with 11 tracks. The instruments were recorded at SPAART Recording Studio in Boguchwala and next mixed with vocals recorded by the group itself.

The songs ELEMENTARY and WHEN SHE APPROACHED reached polish media.
In October 2006 Waldi Pysz quit the band. The drummer who replaced him was Grzesiek Lotycz. New team immediately began working on new material. As a result the third demo recorded completely at SPAART Recording Studio (6 tracks) was released.
Songs from the third demo (2007) were played by radio stations in Poland, U.K., Ireland and U.S.A.

*Songs from the third demo (2007) were played during the CULTURAL EVENING radio programme/Anna Livia Dublin City.
* 5.11.2007 – the band was a guest at KUŹNIA (SMITHY) radio programme, in Centrum Radio from Lublin.
* 5.12.2007 - the band was a guest at ROCK RADIO radio programme, in Polish Radio Rzeszow
* November 2007 – band of the week - KYDS Sacramento
* None Left and Paid were played by Polish and U.S. Student Radio Stations
* None Left was played by Tom Robinson “BBC Introducing with Tom Robinson” radio programme/BBC 6 Music
* Our songs were played by Piotr Kosiński – “Noc muzycznych pejzaży (The Night of Musical Landscapes)” radio programme, Polish Radio 3 Warsaw
* Our songs are also played by Polish and U.S. Internet radio stations

In March 2008 Krzysiek Nowowiejski quit the band. Przemek Dziuba took over from him. The band got down to work and in September the same year equipped with new material entered SPAART Recording Studio. The result of a few days'work was 8 new tracks which can be heard on myspace.

You can find our song “None Left” on TOUR DE FORCE: ONE the compilation made by Matchbox Recordings.

For fans of such bands as KYUSS, Melvins, Rollins Band, Danzing, Black Flag, At The Drive-In, Mastodon, TAD, DOWN, Nirvana, Tool, Primus, etc.


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  1. Decent music, singer is a no-go for me. Can't like 'em all ;-)


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