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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mindzap Updates 2008

From Mindzap Productions:

Mindzap will be making a music video for Cherry Choke, work is due to begin in January. Cherry Choke feature Matt Bettancourt of Josiah and Kings of Frog Island. Their debut album is due out in the near future on Electrohasch.

Stone Turner will be recording some jams very soon that will be recorded and filmed live in rehearsal space. The CD will be given out at gigs with a link to the video footage on YouTube. Expect smoke and lights

Mindzap will be filming and providing light shows for the Magnificent Flying Head Machine, taking place in May 2009 and featuring live performances from Colour Haze, Cherry Choke, Gentleman`s Pistols, and many more. More details soon.

Another video for UK rockers Grifter is in the pipeline.


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