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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Free Album Download-Caestles-"We Have Built A New God"

Here is a free album for you guys to enjoy.

*Cæstles is a 6 man band.
*Cæstles does not think this is excessive.
*Cæstles are multi-instrumentalists who often switch gadgets mid-song.
*Cæstles was 2 bands who met on tour in summer of 2007 and consolidated.
*Cæstles records their music themselves with their own recording gear.
*Cæstles releases these recordings free to the internet because the "music industry" can come to them if it's interested.
*Cæstles is based out of the Baltimore/DC metro area.
*Cæstles will drive to your town to play if asked.
*Cæstles are gnostic shock troopers in the ground war for human evolution.
*Cæstles feels very strongly about net neutrality, open source software, diy, and politics. Ask us some time, we'd be happy to berate you with our ideas and beliefs.
*Cæstles is often just fucking with you.
*Cæstles does not wish to exist in a vacuum, and would like to hear from you.
*Cæstles still wants someone to release them on vinyl, because records sound fucking awesome.

For more info and free downloads check out their Official Website.


Caestles Blog

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